Google Pixel 5 will support reverse wireless charging, hidden Android 11 code reveals

19 February 2020
The feature will be called Battery share in the Settings menu.

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  • Xerossis

That's gonna be an "innovation", should expect price at least $1200

.alpha, 20 Feb 2020Only 2 years after Huawei invented itIkr, Google is such a scammy company. The make sh*tty phones with exorbitant price tags.


Just as Verizon is dumping Google

Sincerely hope they have a top end type phone. If the Redfin, which is rumoured to be sporting a 7 series Snapdragon processor has this, surely a top end device should include the feature. I just hope they remember to make a high end device.

  • .alpha

Only 2 years after Huawei invented it

With previous pixel phones in mind, I am pretty sure no one wants to discharge a phone with 2700mah battery.

YUKI93, 20 Feb 2020Who cares about reverse wireless charging? I do. An absolute... more:)

  • Anonymous

Wow innovation!
Google has officially become Apple of the Android world.

-Expensive price.
-locked features limiting the potential of the HW.
-ugly looks.
-fastest and most amount of support for updates but merely playing catchup with other Android skins.

Kendra Shields, 20 Feb 2020Who cares about reverse wireless charging.. Google needs to fix ... moreWho cares about reverse wireless charging?

I do. An absolutely handy feature for my smartwatch.

pixel 5 will be priced at $899 for 64GB and $999 for 128GB and the XL model will be $100 more and both will only have face id and 3 cameras and the back side will be the same as pixel 4 series (iphone Copy) and finally the batteries will be 4000mha for the XL and 3300mah for the normal

Who cares about reverse wireless charging.. Google needs to fix their sh*tty Pixel design, sh*tty battery and price tag..

This means only one thing!


They (Americans) like to delete things and charge premium for deleting. Pixel, Apple :)

  • I'mPhone

Yuck...even preliminary designs are gross

  • OfferZ

Better price it at 599$

  • Anonymous

Another stupid feature from an overpriced Google phone that isn't even expected to come with a 4000mAh+ or larger battery capacity.

Why would anyone want to do reverse charging on a Pixel 5 phone with an expected sub 4000mAh battery capacity?

Also, allowing offline movie downloads from Google play movies but not equipping the phone with micro sd card? Stupid to the extreme! Or how about a USB-C 3.1 port that allows video out on other phones (using type C to HDMI adaptera) but which Google INTENTIONALLY disabled in the Pixel phones and in other 'vanilla' Android One phones! Stupid! Or how about selling Chromecast for screen casting but not allowing offline Google Play movie downloads from the Pixel phones to be streamed offline! What's the purpose of the offline downloads then Google if your Chromecast still wants internet connection because it will not stream the downloaded version? You want to continuously spy user habits and waste user data in the process everywhere a user plays and replays the movie/s elsewhere? Don't ever make the mistake of buying chromecast or Pixel phones or Android One phones and if you like movies on the go. They're the worst phones and dongles for offline media - movies, music, photos.

  • increased

Ive lost all faith in Google Pixel phones

  • Mohammadfw

Yes sure with 2345.739871 mwh battery

  • Anonymous

Trump Fan 1980, 20 Feb 2020 Copying 'Samsung' is the 1st thing that comes to mind, regardin... more1. Huawei Mate 20 Pro was the first smartphone which used reverse wireless charging.
2. I switched from S10e to Pixel3a XL. Big difference. S10e îs s78t.

  • Ocramavaf

Trump Fan 1980, 20 Feb 2020 Copying 'Samsung' is the 1st thing that comes to mind, regardin... moreHuawei did the reverse charging first

Copying 'Samsung' is the 1st thing that comes to mind, regarding power sharing. Speaking of copying: I believe that the alleged leaked 'Pixel' 4a looks very similar to a 'Samsung S10e' and it's supposed dimensions are nearly identical to the 'S10e'.