Realme X50 Pro 5G rumored to cost around INR50,000 in India

20 February 2020
It will be unveiled on February 24.

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  • 20 Feb 2020

Charging double for their next flagships while Asus dropped their ROG pricing to almost half.

    IpsDisplay, 20 Feb 2020Irony here is Qualcomm will get worse the more it has a mon... moreSD 765 is mid-range, you think I care about it?

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      • 20 Feb 2020

      Anders, 20 Feb 2020Way too expensiveIt's as expensive as Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro which is way better 5G phone than this sh*t...

        Not gonna happen. Even at the speed of the future. Realme isn't big - or old - enough yet, for Indian people to trust it with their top dollar... err, rupees. It needs to level up to xiaomi to charge this much. This rumor, if true, would only be for top end/some luxury version. it needs to be under 40-43k at most.

          Way too expensive

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            • 20 Feb 2020

            I want Mediatek dimensity 1000 phone.I dont mind the company for the processor as long as bang for buck is there.I hate curved screens as well.Mi 10 was my hope but curved screen is deal breaker for me.Waiting for something with dimensity 1000 or in the worse case Snapdragon 765 with reasonable price (understand under 350 eu)

              "the X50 Pro 5G will be priced at (...) around $700"

              Indians paying at least $100-200 extra for the 5G which DOESN'T EVEN EXIST IN THEIR COUNTRY. Pure comedy gold, they're adopting the prices from OnePlus (which charges extra for the software) but keep the build quality and software from Xiaomi (which can afford such low prices because they cut down on the build and support). Realme is funniest company right now, thanks for the good laugh!

                Shadocx, 20 Feb 2020It's cheaper for a reason... Go have fun with your Mediate... moreIrony here is Qualcomm will get worse the more it has a monopoly

                Let them continue to rob you dry

                Thank god Mediatek has forced the 765 to get 30 dollars cheaper

                  IpsDisplay, 20 Feb 2020Lol Qualcomm loyalist love loving their Snapdragon Guys ... moreIt's cheaper for a reason...
                  Go have fun with your Mediatek and Mali GPU trashes, Snapdragon is the real boss.

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                    • 20 Feb 2020

                    Qualcomm keep jacking up price and charge twice for SD865 and X55 because of its monopoly

                      Yeah, I see a lot of these subsidiaries brands from Xiaomi, BBK and Huawei are about to start restructuring it businesses with these new extorted price-gouged tags.

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                        • 20 Feb 2020

                        IpsDisplay, 20 Feb 2020Lol Qualcomm loyalist love loving their Snapdragon Guys ... morethen don't buy it. easy ?

                          If this is true then they are up to same game like their sibling One+.

                          One+ entered the market as flagship product at affordable prices. But today they are as good as other brands in terms of pricing.

                          Realme entered as a competitor to Redmi ( which is one of the leaders in affordable segment). Realme ( sounding like Redmi) entered the Indian market as an affordable option to Redmi. But increased price tag reflects their greed and proves that initial low prices were just an eyewash to gain the market.

                          Xiaomi too has premium products, yet their prices are sane. In short their every product is value for money ( nowhere charged exorbitant amount).
                          What I write is based on my personal experience after using Xiaomi phones since 2014.

                            Lol nice strategy by oneplus and xiaomi and realme is joining the bandwagon... No ill pass.. that's why i love apple.. no device gets outdated in 2-3 years.. you can sell it at good price or keep it and get major updates..

                              Lol Qualcomm loyalist love loving their Snapdragon

                              Guys is the 865 really worth it?? Look how the mi 10 price skyrocketed (although it's still a good deal Vs competition)

                              And now potentially the x50pro here

                              Give us the mediatek dimensity 1000 it has 80-85% the performance of the 865 and will be significantly cheaper

                              We need dimensity series pronto please see

                              5g isn't Integrated and we are being charged a premium for this 865 chipset man I just don't think it's worth it