Sony redirects to the main company site

20 February 2020 started life as, but it changed domains after Sony bought out Ericsson's share in the mobile company.

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  • 20 Feb 2020

the PlayStation forum also moves, and let them know that they were going to close it and move it

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    • 20 Feb 2020

    Other companies dont have dedicated website just for mobile division.
    Not a issue.

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      • 20 Feb 2020

      GOray, 20 Feb 2020RIP, finally.Not exactly. They didn't got sold like Vaio did, which means in someway Sony stills see the Mobile division as profitable for the long run.

      And they still manage to make money out of Walkman, which is a really old concept, so let's wait and see what's next for them. They might come up with some Japanese surprise.

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        • 20 Feb 2020

        RIP, finally.

          At first Sony Mobile Communications was their own company in the corporation and now they come under Sony electronics and if the people notice when they go to, they will see that the main website gives you information Sony Electronics products.

          This is not a big deal to report GSMArena :)

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            • 20 Feb 2020

            Not sure how meaningful this is. Their open-source site has already been under the domain for quite a while.

            Hopefully they have some better devices to show this year. It's the last phone brand that is not complete garbage for one reason or another.