Qualcomm: Legion Gaming phone, Zenfone 7 and ROG Phone 3 incoming

26 February 2020
Lenovo's Legion Gaming Phone is indeed happening, as Asus ROG Phone 3 and Zenfone 7 are just around the corner.

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MagicMonkeyBoy, 26 Feb 2020Not all of us are antique collectors or buyers. Did I say that you should buy and use old smartphones?

rog 3 has 3 camera has 64mp main camera+ultawide camera+telephto camera
and also rog is planing 4 camera on rog 4

  • Anonymous

Fujitsu arrow 5G, the pioneer of iris scaner, cant wait.
Where is asus m3 max pro SDM 675 6000mah?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2020First of all no os or piece of tech is free of bugs. This i... moreOk. In fairness...not every build prior. The last build or so leading up to this one were of course much more stable. And obviously not everyone experienced the worst of it.

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PangHu, 27 Feb 2020Whatever you say but I told you I own a S10 (Exynos) and iP... moreFirst of all no os or piece of tech is free of bugs. This is reality. Perfection doesn't exist.
Secondly what does the latest and final build finally being stable and more bug free have to do with anything we said? It only coincides with what I said. All the builds prior were another story. Again as even covered by articles here. Which again you seem too young to even know about.

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PangHu, 27 Feb 2020Cheap prices my ass, look at the GS20 series, is that cheap... moreWe all know the build quality of iPhone back when 200 dollar budget devices provided metal build and didn't bend while the expensive iphone did. Don't even get me started on the our beloved iPad (Hall of famer as far as bendable devices go).

  • PangHu

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2020So you've never used an iPhone or experienced the joy ride ... moreWhatever you say but I told you I own a S10 (Exynos) and iPhone 11. Also a S7 in the past, which was damaged and I abandoned the phone.

Latest build of ios 13 (13.3) has no more bugs, go check it yourself. Most early builds of OS, whether OneUI or MIUI, maybe also ColorOS, Funtouch, etc. also has bugs, including ones in gaming phones (ex. Blackshark 2). The BS2 got Android 10 update but was cancelled due to serious amount of bugs. That's a gaming phone right there.

I really do have to complain about the subpar quality screen in the iP 11 but I don't have any other issues with it. I bet you have never tried gaming in that phone. Go check some PUBG/OCD Mobile forums or streamers using that phone and even the phone handles HDR Extreme. Let alone an older iPhone XR.

Gaming phones lack of software and user support, look at cracked screen issue with ROG Phone 1. Already heard an angry (used to be popular) Indonesian YouTuber either smashing his ROG Phone (or Razer Phone) because it was too hard to be serviced, his screen cracked. Unfortunately the video has been removed by him. Now that's quite embarassing.

And look at my comment why gaming phones are obsolette because of the nature of mobile games. Only PUBG and COD Mobile (hardware demanding games) and ML, AOV, and FF Battlegrounds (no need for gaming phones because they're not demanding) contributes to this growth of mobile games industry.

Go buy a proper gaming PC or console if you want to play real games, not shabby gaming phones that look cool and perform well only in games and it's only a short-term investment.

Oh MagicMonkeyBoy repeatedly cites Antutu as a measure of gaming performance, now why is ROG Phone 2 below a Vivo NEX 3 and iQoo Neo 855 which is NOT a gaming phone? I thought ROG Phone 2 should top Antutu charts (let alone Geekbench, actually).

The base ROG Phone 2 or BS2 Pro costs only slightly more than the realme X2 Pro but it seems that the X2 Pro is miles better.

  • Love the Community

Scarface007, 26 Feb 2020Samsung S20 series already has USB type C earphones bundled... moreYeah then how am I going to charge my "S20" if the only USB-C port is already used? I'd rather go for the RoG Phone to use two USB-C ports for listening and charging at the same time. I want two connected to one device, wired.

I'm most interested to see what the Legion Gaming Phone is like. Lenovo's flagships have been very impressive as of late (Z6 Pro in particular), and so the potential for a gaming phone from the same company is huge.

  • Anonymous

PangHu, 27 Feb 2020Unpolished? Bullshit, look at MIUI. Tons of bugs. FlyMe OS ... moreSo you've never used an iPhone or experienced the joy ride of their update scheme?
The ones that couldn't even incorporate mms or video recording until after they released their 3rd phone.
Or that held at least a 6 year world lead in app crashes. Covered by articles here in gsmarena. Not that a kid like you would remember.
And by God every major release is like they released a last second rushed beta that has to be followed by 1000 consecutive updates over the next few weeks or months to polish it finally.

Good thing you apparently never had to use an ios device though.
Common hater. Always struggling through the ios bugs and issues but comes to android page on the web to deny it all and talk smack on everything else to make themselves feel better.

At 550 usd the rog 2 is vastly superior to iPhone on most fronts. Where i11 is only better with slightly brighter and slightly more accurate display and cameras are better. Even performance is overall better. At a fraction of the cost. The rog is factually overall way more premium. But by the way you talk you've never used ios or android so i guess you wouldn't understand.

  • Nic

Scarface007, 26 Feb 2020Will they keep flip camera setup for Zenfone 7?NO

  • PangHu

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2020False. And the updates on ios go longer but are most of th... moreUnpolished? Bullshit, look at MIUI. Tons of bugs. FlyMe OS is f*cked. Has not seen a bug in ios currently, man, have you even touched an iPhone? It did have bugs initially but now there are no issues. OneUI has bugs too, GS20 has issues with camera performance and is going to be fixed. But even OneUI is slower than ios. Google Pixel 4 has bugs here and there too.

Common Apple hater but never even touched one, cannot even buy one. Feeling proud with a cheap handset, huh?

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PangHu, 26 Feb 2020There are 90Hz phones such as the realme X2 Pro and OnePlus... moreBetter experience? They cant match three rog 2 in gaming mode, battery, triggers, dedicated accessories, speakers, headphone, touch response, or unthrottled performance.
Try again?
It's so good as a gaming phone that it's abilities benefit anyone from gamer to non gamer.

  • PangHu

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2020Good for you. Did you feel proud and smart now? Here's a c... moreDid you feel smart and proud with your cheap Crapdroid? Like a Samsung J3? Here's a cookie.

  • I'mPhone

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2020Purposefully using one of the expensive devices while ignor... moreNot just the GS10/20 actually, I can safely say even a Google Pixel 4 and Huawei P30 is also overpriced. Just say you don't have the money to buy a proper handset and buy budget ones that doesn't even last for long. Not saying that you must buy an iPhone, but from the way you comment, seems like you're very miserable xD

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PangHu, 27 Feb 2020Let me tell you why mobile gaming produces revenue this fas... moreGood for you. Did you feel proud and smart now? Here's a cookie.

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domraym, 27 Feb 2020It's easy to say android is the best when you change phones... moreFalse. And the updates on ios go longer but are most of the time a laughing stock of unpolished crap. So try again?

  • PangHu

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2020Mobile gaming actually comprises 37% on the entire world wi... moreLet me tell you why mobile gaming produces revenue this fast:

1. Only games like COD and PUBG Mobile generates high revenue. Go check sensortower.com for the stats. Other games are not so successful. There are very many PC games that sell a lot although it doesn't generate too much revenue at the end. What I mean is, only games like these contributes to this growth. What else does people play besides COD and PUBG, maybe Mobile Legends or FreeFire Battlegrounds? (But hey ML/FF does not need a gaming phone to play, it's an undemanding game that most current phones can run)

2. Mobile games devs slap advertising in their games. Automatically this generates extra revenue for them. Gameloft and EA are some of the worst offenders in this respect by placing banner ads in most of their games. They still want you to pay separately to remove the in-game ads, ex. MC5 (GL).

3. Many mobile games rather lean to the pay-to-win side, or requires exorbitant amount of gacha. If you've played COD or PUBG Mobile, to get a mythical outfit for example, you'll need to spend hundreds of dollars to get it. There was an Indonesian YouTuber who tried to spend $800 just to get the lucky spin main prize and still didn't get it (probably snow queen suit). $800 gets you a new phone or PC.

I have been tipped off a few Chinese games such as Games of Sultans (check the GPlay comments) require you to spend in excess of $100000 ($100 thousand, got it) to max your VIP. That money buys you even the most powerful PC and get a car.

I have not heard any PC game requiring you to spend this much provided they are paid games.

4. It's the fact that mobile games are accessible for everyone, even kids can install the mobile game they want very easily. You can get yourself phones like the realme C2/C3 and Redmi 8A for less than $100 and that can already run PUBG and COD Mobile albeit at the lowest settings. Meanwhile, a proper gaming PC usually can set you back $1000s. Heard a cheap good quality laptop, which is the MSi GF63 Thin 9SC costing no more than $1000, comes with i5-9300 and GTX1650, but hey that's the borderline specs of proper PC gaming. There are unlikely cheaper gaming laptops than the MSI offering similar specs and build quality. $1000 is NOT accessible for the common community.

It's true that mobile gaming do produce quick revenues and grow faster than PC/console gaming but consider what I'm saying above. This relates to the fact that gaming phones are quite pointless for now. Unless of course, you are a very competitive Esports mobile gamer participating in tournaments, championships, etc. then a gaming phone certainly makes sense.

  • Anonymous

PangHu, 27 Feb 2020Cheap prices my ass, look at the GS20 series, is that cheap... morePurposefully using one of the expensive devices while ignoring the devices being mentioned to the point of the comment and article show how hurt you are and how little you know.

  • Sharma_Ji

Kek, 26 Feb 2020It is not that we dont know in the West about gaming phones... moreNot all mobile games are on consoles and vice versa.
Only PubgM and CodM make a big thing here in India, free fire too maybe.
And yes, the poor optimization on android needs these high specs even to sustain 60fps in highly competitive scneraios, god what will happen when 90fps is unlocked and what kind of horsepower will be needed to sustain that.