Oppo Find X2's latest promo video highlights amazing contrast

26 February 2020
That 120Hz OLED panel is going to be the phone's key selling point.

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I would highly doubt these numbers. the "perfect black" of OLEDs is typically 0,0005 nits. so to reach a contrast ratio of 1M:1 they need a peak brightness of 500 nits which is plausible (S10 reaches 1200 nits which is the max right now @ 2,4M:1). for a contrast of 5M:1 they would need an insanely bright 2500 nits (more than double the current maximum) so I would highly doubt that they can pull it off. even if the peak brightness is limited to a tiny portion of the screen but then again 100x zoom on a smarphone seemed impossible a year ago.

All that R&D to create "groundbreaking" screen tech, then put a hole in it.
Where`s your logic, Oppo?

Demongornot, 26 Feb 2020I am no display expert so I may say really dumb thing here.... moreYou did your homework very well mate.thanks for the information:)

Doubt Dhanabalu, 26 Feb 2020Same doubt here! Oleds have infinite contrast. I think, opp... moreLol I needed that laugh

I think it has something to do with the high brightness, obviously black pixels will be turned off but if the lit pixels are brighter, doesn't this change the contrast ratio?

I am no display expert so I may say really dumb thing here...

But I think contrast on OLED is relevant as it could not only be measured by how luminous each led can get but also if some led get too bright they might start to create a glow on surrounding pixels if the display isn't good enough, meaning that the maximum brightness of a pixel relative to one which is turned off next to it probably is still to take into consideration.
There is also the HDR technology that some OLED don't support while it actually can be counted as a contrast level.
So I think what they try to showcase here is how bright they can push the display without image distortion and their latest HDR standard, because I do remember they actually were proud of their high standard support of HDR.

I just did a little research and I found this :
You say it yourself here :
Quote :
"adding that the screen will go up to 1,200nits of brightness in HDR mode (HDR is also about darkness and light, not just colors)."

I did further research and I could now write this :
Based on this : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contrast_ratio
"Many display devices favor the use of the full on/full off method of measurement"
Meaning that led who basically turn themselves off and can only get at a fixed maximum brightness, contrast is not infinite on OLED as it would require an infinitely bright led to archive that and same for turned off pixels as except if they were made out of black holes they technically also don't have an infinitely black level as every black material still reflect some level of light and therefor isn't perfectly black, even more, it mean OLED have a measurable contrast ratio.

And based on this : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_dynamic_range
"The HDR display must have either a peak brightness of over 1000 cd/m2 and a black level less than 0.05 cd/m2 (a contrast ratio of at least 20,000:1) or a peak brightness of over 540 cd/m2 and a black level less than 0.0005 cd/m2 (a contrast ratio of at least 1,080,000:1).[6][7] The two options allow for different types of HDR displays such as LCD and OLED.[7]"
Which confirm that basically the 1M:1 contrast ratio they compare against is actually indeed an OLED with a regular HDR technology, so this mean they actually genuinely got a display that triple the HDR contrast ratio compared to the standard HDR for OLED.

As I say again, I am no expert, and though I am pretty certain I am totally right about that, I can't affirm to anyone to take my words, so don't hesitate to double check.

Doubt Dhanabalu, 26 Feb 2020Same doubt here! Oleds have infinite contrast. I think, opp... moreNoooo dude, it is from the virus maybe.
Weed increases brain function and creativity, not the other way around:D
Basically rhe new panel will have extreme contrast calibration and loosing detail in the shadows just like the old oled panels from 2013,14.

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Same doubt here! Oleds have infinite contrast. I think, oppo team is smoking some high quality weed. Where can i get them? Somebody plz help!.