Google applies for license to let it continue do business with Huawei

26 February 2020
Should Google be given an exemption Huawei could have Google Services immediately.

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  • Dani

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2020The same reason it made Google to wait and warn about the preten... moreFor sure billions, not millions

  • Peter

Apple IOS is not banned by US to sell in China, why then Google GMS is? Because Apple owns both the hardware and software and it is pretty popular in main land China, and sells a lot, same for Microsoft surface and OS. However GMS is banned in China by chineese government, and Google does not own any hardware's, so Google thought that the ban won't hurt them. Now with side loading of GMS and Huawei HMS in the corner, Google is afraid that many chineese mobile manufacturing companies may ditch the GMS and go for HMS, which means losing the dominance of the mobile OS to Apple IOS and may become the 3rd! So they are now panicking and asking to lift the ban!

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2020If Microsoft can get a licence, I don't see why Google can't.i do think that .

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2020Lets be honest huawei makes the best phones on the market, flags... moreMore than USA, Huawei Google Playstore ban affects its global sales and brand equity. Google also fears that Huawei might pull a Mobile OS that might contain Google dominance in many areas. Microsoft exemption is clearly to mitigate this scare!

  • Anonymous

open gapps.. how hard can it be

  • Anonymous

Lets be honest huawei makes the best phones on the market, flagships midrange or entry level. Trump put a ban cause too many huawei products were being bought. They afraid huawei will destroy apple and google in the states. Its really a cheap move

Google's cash is made from people using their services ... especially ads, drive, firebase etc...
So it must prevent the ability of other OEMs providing viable alternatives.
We don't know if Huawei can provide a comparable services to GMS, but they have the financial resources to give it a go. I personally would like to see HMS competing in the market.

HMS needs to be fully open sourced to win!

  • Anonymous

If Microsoft can get a licence, I don't see why Google can't.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2020Why oh why did Google waited so fkn long to do this???? Insincer... moreThe same reason it made Google to wait and warn about the pretended dangers in sideloading Google apps : FEAR. Basically Google is afraid Huawei will succeed and other companies might follow and that will compromise the millions of dollars they are getting out of the play store.

  • Anonymous

Why oh why did Google waited so fkn long to do this???? Insincere azzholes. Fk google shiat.

Not gonna happen.

it's one chip on Huawei's shoulder Trump just wouldnt let go. Granting Microsoft license was a different thing 'cause it's not banned in China. And installing any x86 OS to any x86 device is doable by customer himself, if not pretty much straight forward for normal people. But still doable. Installing custom OS to phones is a much tougher nut to crack. Not to mention the unbelievably worst annoyance called bootloader unlock, which isn't permitted by Huawei.

Google isn't just trying to do politics, although I'm sure it's part of it, but it's just looking out for it's own interests outside China, where Google Services are allowed by local governments and helps bring massive money to Google's coffers.

In short, big name powers? They don't care for nobody except themselves. Consumer comes last in their list.

Just let Chinese embarrass themselves with their new Chinese Google. LOL.

Xi0Y3iZ, 27 Feb 2020in my opinion, the ban is hurting Google more than anyone, plus ... moreIt's hurting everybody really. Google services are done and to be fair there are no complains about them. They just work and you got all the apps available in Google Play. Brands are always free to install their services like Huawei and Samsung do but end user always endup using Google Play.

It's hurting both Google and Huawei. But it's hurting even more us, the consumer.

AppGallery / HMS is only future that Huawei have, these so called "licenses" are nothing but provocations ...

It is better for Google and USA Gov to grant the licence. Huawei is no ZTE. Trump thinks Huawei is ZTE. No it is like 20 times bigger and 100 times bigger potential to overcome Google in next 5-10 years if the ban is forever and Huawei do alternative services and inplement all popular apps and services just like Google other alternative Apple do from long ago. And time 5-10years will pass fast, and big regrets from US gov too late will come with nothing to do - Huawei will be independent

Don't. Huawei is no ZTE. It will invest billions $$ and upgrade their HMS alternative, adding new popular apps every month. And in the end? Huawei will go independent from Trump bs actions and then watch Huawei dominance and Google go down the line. Because World is almost 8 000 000 000, where US is 330 00 000, no matter how rich US is, if you get my point, 7.67 billion potential customers is more than 330 mil of such

so basically, if the bully boys from the US can grant licences for american companies to trade with Huawei, it shows it clearly has nothing to do with spying or privacy issues in which it was originally cited and claimed.....

Unlike Microsoft they will not get exemption

  • Anonymous

lol, 27 Feb 2020huawei is stupid know why ? cus they named this service Huawei i... moreName cam be changed in 2 seconds If this will bring more costumers

  • Shetty_911

Most of the Users commenting towards this topic seem pretty shortsighted, Trump or the the ppl & politics behind this ban has nothing to do with smartphone OS OR its rat race but can be seen as a collateral damage instead.
Huawei is currently spending only a fraction of its warchest on HMS but its major money maker is Computer hardware that is used in cybersecurity & Heavy business industry , thats why it created concerns for U.S as States doesn't want (or fears) this deep integration of hardware from HUAWEI as it might create backdoor for Huawei to gain access of the cyberspace & with their budget for R&D & intentions its highly likely (as its backed by Chinese Government).. Aftermath is affecting both google & HMS but not for long as HMS is heavily investing in Indian & other country APP DEVELOPERS (close to a Billion $). So if they succeed then God help Google Android's Monopoly.. sorry for this long scripture.. No offense! Love from India.