Google applies for license to let it continue do business with Huawei

26 February 2020
Should Google be given an exemption Huawei could have Google Services immediately.

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  • Anonymous

Kek, 27 Feb 2020Imagine being this greedy of Chinese money. Google is the kin... moreThen you shouldn't using hongmeng os since it's based on ANDROID OPEN SOURCE PROJECT which is maintained by GOOGLE..!!

  • xbe

I was planning to switch to Huawei because they could be google free. If they return to google, I don't need them

  • sams

lol, 27 Feb 2020huawei is stupid know why ? cus they named this service Huawei i... moreyou are kindda wrong many companies have their own app store
check out samsung and others

  • Anonymous

Great news.

  • Safi

lol, 27 Feb 2020huawei is stupid know why ? cus they named this service Huawei i... moreIt makes sense, man. Appreciate your point.You should address this point to Huawei.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Do we even need google? :

  • lol

huawei is stupid know why ? cus they named this service Huawei if they didnt do that they could give it to other chinese brands to use in future.. now how xiaomi will use Huawei ... its stupid ...its like an Ad for them ... should been something global name every1 can use it

  • Lancewood

And who started this stupid ban?

[deleted post]Do you realize that the China trade ban also affected Apple, since most of Apple production is in China?

Guess who has the most gain from Huawei's ban? Samsung. Samsung factories are outside of China. Huawei has been closing in to Samsung as the number 2 in world market share. With Huawei's inhibited, Samsung gains a free reign on flagship Android. And right on cue, S20 ultra, starting at $1399.

Seriously, if you're looking for a flagship Android, Samsung has near zero competition right now thanks to the Huawei ban. LG, Sony, all have been reduced to small market players.


  • Carol

NotAnOpinion, 27 Feb 2020That's just stupid and not even realistic. MONEY ROTATE! e.g. HT... moreI think you do not understand the word "money" and google wants them, so huaway going out means less, can also mean that finally innovation from other parts of the world can emerge, means threat to googel's monopoly on a lot of it battle filds where they fought alone till now. Forcing other to do something else you might actually force them to innovate, and google does not like that, so yeah, google forces his license to the usa retguvernment, so they can get back to well, what they were doing.

  • PNW

I'm dying to get a phone with no forced Google on it. Please no Google

  • Carol

Well, i would be glad if Nokia would stop using google, as i see this a great potential to finally get google down from hidden monopoly and a chance other companies like duckduckgo even other operating systems to grow, like the mighty MeeGo the most copied os in the last 4 years. Nokia, together with HMD could rise again if they would just see the opportunity here,MeeGo was a no traking and crapping system, that would be a huge plus bonus for a lot of people. A device with privacy in mind. Huawai (not that i like them) but they could do the same,, finally release another operating system.

  • Freehunt

HMS is successfully. Than more chinese band will follow HMS on rest of world

  • six_tymes

they can share backdoor info with each-other.

ProJames-CHM, 27 Feb 2020Why yes it's true. If Huawei somehow gets devs to support their ... moreWell most of OSes aren't failed at all, but companies don't put them in their smartphone which are dominated with Android and iOS, and put them to other product instead.

About Windows Phone, yes it is an epic fail for Microsoft-Nokia being given up.

  • Anonymous

cheechchong, 27 Feb 2020and they all love watching American movies/tvshows, and listenin... moreNo! I hate them!

Kek, 27 Feb 2020"the world doesnt revolve around the US alone" Well, people a... moreYour comment is as ignorant as it gets.

People also visit Beijing & Shanghai, take pics, buy on AliExpress, browse Tik Tok, and try to adopt chinese food & medicine among other things.

You see, the world really doesn't revolve around Murica, China, or any other particular country for that matter. Stop being delusional.

Kek, 27 Feb 2020"the world doesnt revolve around the US alone" Well, people a... moreand they all love watching American movies/tvshows, and listening to American hiphop.

trendseeingeye, 27 Feb 2020Trump is making Google lose marketshare. The sabotage on Huawei ... moreYou, as many others, are really short sighted, this is not about google, about helping USA companies to sell more phones, no, it is really about stopping CHINA from controlling world telecoms, it is about the 5G networks, and all that it implies not the number of cellphones that huawei sells, which in fact is not its bigger money source