Google applies for license to let it continue do business with Huawei

26 February 2020
Should Google be given an exemption Huawei could have Google Services immediately.

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ProJames-CHM, 27 Feb 2020Why yes it's true. If Huawei somehow gets devs to support their ... moreWell they dont have direct access to a large chinese smartphone market. If the chinaman decides to be overly patriotic, that almost 1 billion (and counting) current and incoming smartphone users certainly have to count in when assessing the success of this HMS endeavor. I may be be wrong anyways. So lets see.

  • naiguaner

Huawei will not use GMS. even when google open the door. Because Huawei don't want to put its future into jeopardy again.

  • trendseeingeye

Trump is making Google lose marketshare. The sabotage on Huawei is backfiring now that HMS is gaining traction, and in the end, the market will be divided between HMS and Google. I guess we have Trump to thank for that!

  • Kek

AresinUAE, 26 Feb 2020Do they really need GMS? I hope that huawei will just fully deve... more"the world doesnt revolve around the US alone"

Well, people always say that, and later, you see them visiting NYC or LA, and taking pics, buying on Amazon, browsing Twitter/FB, and trying to live an American style life.

  • Kek

Barryon, 27 Feb 2020Competition is always good for the consumer. It seems the POTUS... moreWe have already added 5000 points to your social credit. Thanks for your daily service for China and your comrade Xi Jinping.

Jokes aside, Google is as bad as Huawei can get. They are part of the same side of the coin.
You can literally substitute Huawei name for CCP and Google for NSA and it will mean the same probably.

Both Google & TSMC should be granted this license, so we can finally put an end to this bull dung.

  • Kek

Imagine being this greedy of Chinese money.

Google is the kind of company I wouldn't trust even if it was family owned.

Barryon, 27 Feb 2020How can Huawei be innoative if they stay tied down to Google's d... moreHow does using GMS prevents Huawei from developing APIs? Samsung does it without the slightest problem.

Barryon, 27 Feb 2020Over 800 million mobile internet users in China seems to say it'... moreChina is one country. A very populous one, where Google can't offer their services since a while already. Doesn't really count. Local people and services adapted as they had no choice.

Barryon, 27 Feb 2020Off course the rest of the World can #get-along without Huawei, ... moreNo I dont have any miss conception about 5G, but huawei id not the only way to achieve higher speeds, many think that only huawei can provide wellnesw and happiness to humankind, which clearly is not their goal or CCP For that matter

If this will happen soon then Huawei's sales will definitely shoot up and can result to empty shelves because of COVID-19 effect on the manufacturing line.

wasox, 27 Feb 2020Lol, the rest of the world can perfectly go along without huawe... moreOff course the rest of the World can #get-along without Huawei, we've managed to use 2G 3G 4G so far so good but in the future without 5G, we'd be gettign along at a #snails-pace.

I think you may have a misconception of the abilities of 5G.

Xi0Y3iZ, 27 Feb 2020in my opinion, the ban is hurting Google more than anyone, plus ... moreThat's just stupid and not even realistic. MONEY ROTATE! e.g. HTC, Palm, BlackBerry, Nokia, etc.

Google already has new smartphone manufacturers like TCL, Realme, IQOO, Poco, Microsoft, etc. applying for new Google's licenses that will easy make-up for Huawei's device revenue and growing in device numbers from Xiaomi, BBK, Asus, etc. will eventually make Huawei a distant memory to Google.

Google is simply playing politics here just to save face to appear to China (not Huawei) that it still has not written off Huawei because Google still has businesses and partners all through China and wants to appear its still lobbying for Huawei.

Just read the headlines, this is Google's 2nd (perhaps more) request for a license, so, it isn't like the administration is not aware of Google's request and Google pretty much know what the administration's answer is.

ProJames-CHM, 27 Feb 2020Lol at people who think it's because Google feels threatened by ... moreOver 800 million mobile internet users in China seems to say it's possible without GMS.

Sean, 26 Feb 2020Oh please let this happen,we need as many phone makers as possib... moreHow can Huawei be innoative if they stay tied down to Google's developements instead of developing with new initiative ?
You contradict yourself.

nate0, 26 Feb 2020No. Force them to bring their "Own OS" like they stated they wou... moreNo one is #forcing Huawei to develope HMS, they initiated development of HMS a decade ago, the reason it will soon become mainstream, the reason Google is #pannicking as HMS will over-take GMS.

What Western people should realise is that Chinese internet users utilise Mobile devices whereas Western internet users utilises notebook/desktops.

Competition is always good for the consumer.
It seems the POTUS's policies are back-firing, mindless to think sanction, embargoes will only hurt the opposition.

Mobile Services within China working fine without GMS.
HMS will be usable for the World much sooner than anyone predict.

I for one will be looking forward to HMS, something fresher than GMS and contrary to popular News Media propaganda promotion of Huawei-Bad, I trust Google less than Huawei with regard to Spying.
As if the US doesn't use Google and Apple to spy on everyone, even spying on themselves and then spins it around to target the strongest competitor.

As Huawei is approximately two years more advanced technologically and moving even further ahead in time, it does not make logical sense for Huawei to #steal old technology.

I see Ren Zhengfei as a person who'll remember the embarrassment of losing face when the US targeted his daughter. Targeting the business is understandable, business is business. Targeting his daughter is personal and unforgivable, it'll lead to eventual revenge, it's a Chinese #Thing.

IpsDisplay, 27 Feb 2020Only time will tell if these points you've made will age like mi... moreWhy yes it's true. If Huawei somehow gets devs to support their platform...
Though I base myself on the fact that many other giants of technology tried to do the same and all failed. Microsoft+Nokia is a notable example. Mighty OS seller + mighty phone seller = epic fail. Samsung failed too (Tizen), Firefox, Ubuntu and I can continue listing stuff. What does Huawei have that the others who failed don't? Even Nokia had the very robust and actually decent Maps alternative Here/Nokia Maps.

Truth to be told, I certainly hope to be wrong. I'd absolutely love more competition in the mobile world.

This is super important for Huawei to be again successful outside the China.
Not that I like chinese brands but I hope Huawei will get back google services.

Kushalne, 26 Feb 2020 lets suppose if i was Huawei .and the license is granted . go... moreets suppose if i was Huawei .and the license is granted .
google-. lets continue
gogle -why not
me -we already have hms .
google - please ...
me - NO, we use HMS.