Flashback: LG G3 pioneered 1440p phone screens and Laser AF

01 March 2020
LG often doesn't get enough credit for the innovation it brings to the smartphone world. 

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  • Anonymous

My cheap broken plastic digital camera haw everything what flagship camera haw.
If there is in good condition older lg flagship phone for 100 euro i by.
they haw features what new budget phones don't.

  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 01 Mar 2020Exactly. I know someone who had an LG G3 for three years... moreWhy spend so much money for a phone? Just get any decent Xiaomi phone and enjoy. Don't worry about ads. You can disable them all.

  • Sag

LG was the first to give 1440 p screen and also camera innovations like ultra wide camera but none fave credit back then now everyone seems to crave about ultrawide canera.

All the more reason for LG to get back in the game, with some serious improvements, and capping Every Single Complaint point for Customers.

LOLG, 01 Mar 2020And this is where the Boot-loop started as well.."The end o... moreExactly.

I know someone who had an LG G3 for three years. Met him from Craigslist in 2017 because he thought the one I was selling was the G3 but it was the smaller G3 Beat. His phone looked flawless outside but it kept bootlooping and overheating. He tried to do everything for it and it still was a headache. He still stuck with LG by waiting to get the V30.

I like LG but they're way too unreliable sometimes. I still have my LG G5 and while I love it, I don't use it because it only got to Nougat, the emmc is slow to transfer, and the battery life is unreliable. The GPS navigation won't even speak sometimes and it won't fast charge like half the time.

I'll probably never get another LG again. Their recent ones are bleh. Nothing unique about them anymore. My next phones are the Surface Duo and Razr.

  • Kek

And then, it went downhill from this, with Bootloops plaguing the G4 and V10, G5 being a flop due to QC issues and G6 having a somewhat dull design. V20 was fine, but it went off the radar in several markets.

Although I don't like notches, I will admit G7 design looks good to me at least. Same goes to V35.

  • Ron7x

I still have my G3 (in my drawer) with the motherboard being replaced. Good phone, very.

Oppaii, 01 Mar 2020LG G3 is the best flagship at that time but I don't know wh... moreIt was the best thing until the Galaxy Note 4 arrived and proved to be a much more refined overall experience.
Even back then, people never cared about who did it first, rather who did it much better.
Sure, G3's 1440p panel is extremely sharp and crisp, but the relatively low contrast and dull colors made it an unsatisfying experience, which is what the Note 4's bright and colorful Super AMOLED display filled in. Not to mention its significantly more powerful SD805 chipset that could handle the graphics much better.
Still, it was a great attempt by LG and it did help push the standards of screen resolution that we have today.

  • LOLG

And this is where the Boot-loop started as well.."The end of all things to come" RIP LG.

  • TruthSeekr

LG made, and still makes, some pretty sweet phones.

If only they could make their phones more appealing and "cool" they'd do a great job on the market.

Sent from my 4 year old LG v20.

LG G3 is the best flagship at that time but I don't know why a lot of people still doubt its overall performance, its Camera is superb! Its screen is amazing! Idk why people hate LG ughh

  • PongHu

LG was awesome back in its era, and it could go neck to neck with Samsung and Sony.

Nowadays confusing features and design put LG's rep down. Their handsets do not sell well outside the US and S.Korea. SE Asia used to receive LG handsets just like Sony did. Nowadays it's just Sony, although Sony smartphone sales have slowed down.

LG needs to step up their game again. It's no Panasonic or Polytron who makes fridges and washing machines and then makes dull handsets.

  • Anonymous

LG G3 was a legends, I miss when LG had this dominant form in the market