Flashback: LG G3 pioneered 1440p phone screens and Laser AF

01 March 2020
LG often doesn't get enough credit for the innovation it brings to the smartphone world. 

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God looking

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this was the last of LG phones to really compete in the flagship category for the crown.
The signs were there, G3 had already a worse display to body ratio than G2, then came the G4 with less than G3, G5 even worse, and this is how LG became unimportant in smartphone top segment. They made poor choices and poor judgement and become irrelevant. Sad.

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Best phone ever

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"It had OIS, which helped steady hand shake, and a new stripped-down that allowed users to focus on the scene."- Isn't "camera interface" should be somewhere around here?

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LG also pioneered FLAGSHIPS that have absolutely ZERO ANDROID SOFTWARE updates. The LG V20 - outraced all other phones, including the first Google Pixel phone by coming up with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box in September 2016. (The first Pixel phone came a month after with Android 7.0)

Almost 4 years later (2020), my LG V20 still has the same Android 7.0 Nougat software. The only thing changed is the measly security patch. LG rolled only two, mind you, with the last one dated January 2018!

LG... the pioneer in flagship phones that cost $899 during launch but don't get EVEN A SINGLE android software update! Don't say I didn't tell you... If you don't live in Korea or are eyeing on a dual SIM international variant LG phone, forget about software updates!

Buyer beware!

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Still have my G3, What an amazing phone, The screen felt massive still does

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LG should bring back the rear buttons....

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And Samsung pioneered 1080p on $1400 phone

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It was more fun back then, new phones had real innovations and different designs!
Today every phone look almost identical, and the "innovations" are just small improvements in the already more than good enough cameras and a little faster processors and a little longer batterylife!
I see nothing new that I want to buy to replace my Moto X4!

I remember when one of my friends had this phone he liked the camera quality and display, but always complained about horrendous battery life. He had it up until 2018 too so it was worn down considerably

  • CVL

Yes, many mouth watering specs but in reality the screen was always behind Galaxy AMOLEDs, laser AF did nothing to help creating nice photos (very noisy and not too much detail even in daylight) adn worst of all motherboard issue. Majority of phones are left dead because of motherboard failure probably due to the fact that the whole setup could not power hungry screen rendering. The phone heats easily. I spent my money and it's still sitting in my drawer with dead motherboard. After that I lost faith in LG. It seems they lack something to prove in the competitive market. I predict total eclipse of the mobile division.

This article brings back memories.
I also bought G3 3 months after it went on the market.
I remember it being a phone with a super display,i used to show off to friends 4k videos on it and oh how they looked beautiful back then.
But G3 as G4 later on were fabric defective i dont know but after 2 years they started showing problems mostly battery and antenna.

Domestoboto, 02 Mar 2020It was also one of the first LG phones to introduce their v... moreI do have this handset right now and I am facing same Bootloop issues. This handset was monster at that time. The colors were so good and I can still feel that vibrancy in screen

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Was great, screen not easily crack compare samsung (especually galaxy s3) but Signal up to motorola standard.
Too bad bootloop was keep to long before fixed

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G3 is undoubtedly a good and innovative design in its user feature. I used G2 and I am still using G3 today. The leg puller of it is the BGA solder bond quality of the memory over the Snapgragon CPU, that leads to a lot of common problems we have with G3, as well as G4 and some others V models, e.g. blue screen, fading screen, no SIM card, boot-looping and screen dead, etc. I totally have 4 G3's for me and my family, all of them but one have already either gone blue screened or screen faded to screen dead. They all went well and healthy after giving the memory chip a rework on the soldering. That problem all stemmed from the thermal cycling of the cpu that gradually weakens the solder joints that was not done to deal with the thermal cycling.
If the engineering on the hardware side, say the heat dissipation design and the production process on the soldering of memory chip could have been done better, G3 must have received a lot more applause from the users.

  • Levy

Used it for a couple of weeks before returning it; it was good enough with a great camera for its time, but the short battery life, the unwieldy size (again, for its time) and, most importantly, the bootloop issue that was very common with that model made me decide to return it.

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Used to own this for two and a half years but the boot loop issue really pisses me off.

Still one of the most beautiful phones

It was also one of the first LG phones to introduce their very special feature called "BOOTLOOPING", which continued to be built-in to every LG phone for nearly FOUR YEARS (it FINALLY subsided with the G7-series).

this was my phone envy back then. at the time i didn't have the capacity to replace my phone at a slightest whim, so i was stuck with the note 2 that i got late 2012. i didn't know then that i could simply resell the 3 month old note 2 then at almost the original price then buy the g3. i was drooling at the high reso screen and the slim bezels. the bezels on it were unthinkable at that time. i hope lg can come up with a really revolutionary device in the near future to breath itself back to life.