Flashback: LG G3 pioneered 1440p phone screens and Laser AF

01 March 2020
LG often doesn't get enough credit for the innovation it brings to the smartphone world. 

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  • Lgg3

Oflife, 01 Mar 2020Excellent phone! In fact, the G3 is the only phone I bought... moreI agree ,

  • JimmyG

The G3 was my first Android phone after switching from iOS. I loved it. Even now looking at the pics in the above article hits me in the feels. I've since tried Samsung flagships which I believe are more refined but I will always cheer on LG. When my Note 9 broke from a drop I bought my current device, a V40 which I enjoy. I see the V60 has been announced which looks promising.

I had it, just after the S4 that I loved a lot. In companion I had too a Xperia Z3 Compact aside for music and longevity, also I had a spare charger and another 2 battery, that was lit to just swap and regain all the power with just a reboot (That could take up to 1 min haha). I had so best picture taken with it ... Until the LCD had burn in (Snapchat header for example) and then, overheating. I changed for a G4 since I had a good price (But no Qi no more, except when we found another backplate from Korea on AliExpress ! :D) with another level of software camera and best shot again. Unfortunately, it had problem over problem and then the motherboard died. It was on 5.0 and I use it with a Samsung Gear at that time : It came back on 6.0 but with a wipe : No more Gear installation possible (It was before the rise of wearable and the gear was compatible only with Samsung devices, the APK was charged upon connection on the device, and after some ppl posted the APK on XDA) because something changed in the 6.0 regarding the permissions and so on. And after a while I had some reboot and therefore I had to change it ... and at that time I kept a Z5 Compact too and only switch for one device : The S7. Too bad because I kinda like LG but the G5 and G6 never attracted me, same goes for G7 and G8. I had the V30 for a brief time and it was good in hand but after a few weeks, some software problems occured on a regular basis : Such a shame because the device was very nice. That's why I think LG isn't capable to make a comeback : Too much device and no so much optimization. They competed on the same stage with Samsung at some points, and now look, they are world apart.

  • Anonymous

I remember when my friend had it still when it was new. Damn was it amazing. Pictures looked crazy good, the screen was fantastic and the shape was great. Fit in the hand so good. Also the placement of the buttons in the back was a good choice, ergonomic.
(I was still using a Nokia 3310)

Shame LG has since fallen in the phone business.

  • mausfing

Had an LG G3, now, still have G6 alongside with A50.

  • Klej

It was a great phone but battery life was shockingly bad.

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2020bootloop start from g3 days to nowI have LG G6 but never had this bootloop issue ever not even once in 18 months of regular use.

  • Oflife

Excellent phone! In fact, the G3 is the only phone I bought 3 times, once after the other, and then years later, as an interim phone around the time of the Note 5 and 7, that of course went out with a bang. G3 was very comfy in the hand and a delight to use. It could be sluggish due to that screen/CPU combo, but in a way, a lot more innovative than the Samsungs and the rear volume etc controls were ergonomically nice. I had had a Nexus 5 so had a wireless charger for the G3, although you had to get the alignment right. All said, the S5 was a great phone too. Water proof, 4K video, grippy case, fast etc. Got our mum one and it was a great success for years. (S5 that is.) I did try the G3 for her, but the lack of a front Home button has always been an issue for her.

Despite Boot loop I loved and enjoyed this phone too much with good camera, Qremote, Ips screen, Laser AF etc.

  • Anonymous

bootloop start from g3 days to now

  • Anonymous

This was the first and last LG phone I buy, The phone would barely last beyond 4 pm, 2.5 hr SOT. Plus it overheated all the time. Lollipop OS update was the buggiest POS update I have ever received. Haven't touched LG ever since.....

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 01 Mar 20202013: LG G2 = Best phone of the year, period. Best camera o... more2011: LG OPTIMUS 2x.

First phone with multi core cpu (Dual core)
First phone to do 1080p video recording.
Exceptional build quality.

LG Fun! Ig G3 I have 2 years and now i have Lg g7 thinq with andriod 8.0 still not update to 9.0 or 10.0 ! Why LG ?

  • Anonymous

Actually,i think note 4 was a better decision over the LG G3.The display was excelent and it was a massive device.

  • Anonymous

I still have this phone in fact I am writing this from a white 3/32GB version and seeing all these fake comments saying bad battery life and overheating makes me laugh a lot. It's more than 5 years old now and still gets me 3+ hours SoT but I am going to replace it with a K30 Pro when it's released because 4 cores and being stuck on Android 6.0 isn't cutting it anymore. However in the 5 years I never once thought about selling it or buying a different phone. This is by far the best phone I've had and made me realize that buying a phone every 2 years is a waste of money. You just have to buy the best and keep it for 4-5 years.

  • Life's good

...also on the software pioneering note that article misses, G3 introduced split screen, which didn't came to android until 7! And camera is in my own tests better even by todays standards (tested with samsung a40 which completely missed color and oversharpen on many photos, compared to G3).

  • Life's good

Still rocking this beast to this day. My first android phone. I wish they would continue and evolve this design instead of succumbing to this generic slab design, such a shame. And now google is trying this approach with touch back, which should be LG's evolution of G3's design really... I would love to buy G9, for the headphone jack alone, but if they don't step their game up and make something memorable like G3 is, then I will have to pass.

  • Anonymous

Sold my G3 recently because the battery was too old for using it as a emulator device anymore.

Great phone, great camera and it was even considering the screen snappy enough for it's time, sadly terrible battery life but miles ahead of my previous phone the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Anonymous

Kriegsherr, 01 Mar 2020some people doesn't wanna get a Chinese crap no matter how ... moreHave you used any Xiaomi or Huawei or OnePlus? Chinese phones aren't low quality anymore. They will last many years.

aaaaaaaaaa, 01 Mar 2020Pioneer means among the first."the first 1440p panel in the industry"

According to this article.........