GSMArena labs: Introducing our new smartphone speaker test

04 March 2020
Our speaker loudness test gets a makeover, while the audio output quality test gets the boot.

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Please bring back audio output test classic!

this was one of the main reasons i skipped through the smartphone tests, sad to see the audio-test results go (hidden).

How may I may able to download the GSMArena Speaker Test apk? Be brutal with the details and Thank You again from a kind friend😷👍✌

  • Oldmike

Just stumbled on to the audio testing and audible to the readers , great work GSMARENA , when reviewers talk about audio usually and say a particular phone has decent speakers , some times that means they are just average (or crap ).
Thank you GSMARENA i will be checking this out in the future .

Please add headphone jack review atleast for devices which are praise worthy means flatter louder response or just write few words of your impressions.
Also if possible update recently released devices like moto 1 fusion+, pixel 4a, etc.
I see lot of people including me are getting hard time now making decision.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know any other site that post headphone jack measurements?

  • Stoszek

The best place to check audio output just dead. Big off. Difference are not marginal in new phones.

  • Roccat

Please come back speaker test again.

  • ThePeople

The people want to know what audio dac chips phones have or don’t have. GSMarena could find these things out, i.e. what system are mobile devices utilising, e.g. what, if any, amp, dsp, sound chip, integrated in processor, or simply resolution output ability (e.g. 24bit / 192khz).
If there is sound from the device then something is processing. That is the information and comparison required and necessary. Nothing to do with enforced after market add on solutions, or how many people end up listening to their audio.
Not all the people want to remain in ignorance, the reviewers and marketers must demand from the manufacturers the information, because the people have demanded it.
Do not let us down GSMarena.

  • Anonymous

Your good old audio quality test helped me choose at least 3 phones over the last few years...

Big oof.

  • Anonymous

Seems like a bad excuse to discontinue the audio tests. Couldn't care less about usb-c dongles or bluetooth earphones. Audio test was one of the few reasons i prefered this site over others.

  • pongerz007

Very disappointing, now I don't have the reference to base either that phone or this phone has a good audio output

  • xenon2

That was my fav part of the tests.


No reason to read anything now.

I much like your new speaker test, but the core audio test always has been the differentiating part of your reviews to others. I hardly remember when starting to follow your reviews, but that time it was a key finding. One of the biggest dissappointments on smartphones was the LG KS20 which I had bought that time before reading your review. This was really an eye-opener for me and you have set yourself on my permanent list of favorite sites. While I can follow your reasoning of importance, still there are a few audiophiles out there who make a distinction between a really flat curve and one that has higher IMD% due to impedance impact of the output stage in the device. Please reconsider your decision and continue to spend the effort to start and document the real audio quality of the devices.

  • AsoundGUY

The audio section was the FIRST one I jumped to, as I'm so damn tired of hearing hiss and subpar audio quality on high quality cans. Now I can't do that anymore. How much longer would that have taken you, @GSMarena? Maybe 30 min with text, too... Thanks a lot, you just made your reviews a no-go for me, and many others. We don't all usee wireless (ie, crappy) headphones, you know?

I was very disappointed when your website stopped to review the 3.5mm jack audio test!
For now many manufacturers write something like 'hi-res audio' on its products, but in reality, the sound quality is very mediocre. In the past I didn`t need to ask users on mobile forums about sound quality. Because I read about it from your reviews. And this part of review for me was one of the most important alongside with camera part. Moreover, the results of our lab tests approved in real life by me and users. Please, back up sound quality test, at least for those gadgets that have 3.5mm jack!

  • mixedfish

You guys just removed one of the most differentiating part of your reviews. Now it is no different to the 1000s of generic reviews you can get anywhere.

  • YuraHardcore

Shahidcapt, 09 May 2020Honestly speaking, i have been seeking information from GSM... moreAgree.

Glad you've started relinking this article in the current reviews at least. It got completely lost in the noise of reviews & news pieces so it's quite natural (IMO) that people began to wonder what happened. Thank you for this.

  • Bo

Actually I have been at loss and lost because of you renegaded the volume specs. Phone makers just don't advertise how much DBs their phone's volume output has. As a hard of hearing person and along with many others, buying a phone without knowing how loud the phone is, is a major obstacle toward a suitable purchase. I used your website for every phone i bought and i relied on the information in order to buy the phones that i knew will be able to cater to my needs. unfortunately now i have no resource to rely on...