Leaked Google Pixel 4a live images confirm punch hole design

04 March 2020
We see only one camera on the back in an extremely big square setup.

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Ugly as usual

That's one hell of a useless square camera bump. It's literally a single camera and a flash.

  • Bablu

LOL, the article says that just because the fingerprint sensor is on the back, it will probably have a LCD screen. FYI the pixel 3a had fingerprint sensor on the back and still sported a OLED screen. Manufacturers aren't using OLED just because of in screen fingerprint scanners.

  • Chuck

Google really needs to improve in the area of design. Terrible, last-gen looking products. And the battery life, it's still horrible. I really like my pixel software but Google is making it difficult to buy a pixel without any compromises,

  • BEASTthisIndustry

gnu, 05 Mar 2020What? The device isnt released yet. IMO it looks good, espe... moreHey, it's better looking than any of the other Pixel phones... by a longshot. I'll take a punch hole over that absolutely insane notch or the big forehead any day of the week.

...would be nice if Google wasn't trailing generation's behind OnePlus in design though... they're supposed to be showing other OEMs what prime Android looks like, yet they make the absolute ugliest high end phones.

  • Anonymous

if this is legit, google really needs new designers. That punchhole position is horrible, the main camera...well...wtf is wrong with it? the 3a wasnt a great looking device, but still it was somehow okay for what it was. Now the pixel 4 looks quite shite - the 4a needs to look even shiter?! Also why would they not use the same dual cam setup as in the pixel 4? Its what worked great in their 3a lineup (using the pixel 3 camera) - nah, this doesnt seem legit to me.

  • gnu

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2020It looks like the designer got the job by connections. What... moreWhat? The device isnt released yet. IMO it looks good, especially for a midrange phone. That doesnt mean Pixels couldnt have even better design.

  • Anonymous

It looks like the designer got the job by connections. What is wrong with their designers? Google has many capable software developers etc... but this hardware design they put out is just ridiculous. Do they employ blind designers? Or what is the deal?

Tears of joy. 5.8'

  • Anonymous

Finally smaller smartphone. I hope it really has audiojack and fingerprint scanner. Only negative thing is the camera punch hole; why it isn't centered?

  • Eric

Sooo Uglyyyyyy

why LCD screen😬

  • MrPhone

Will be overpriced, coming with a lower-end chipset, and very plastcky. realme XT/X2 and Redmi Note 8 Pro was better than the Google Pixel 3a. And cheaper.

  • My nickname

Just having a beer, 04 Mar 2020Check black shark 3.. you will change your mind about the u... moreAt least it's symmetrical on the vertical axis. And they are very different types of devices.
Sharks are tablets with gsm modems for playing games. They are closing in width on the BB Passport. Except the Passport was more comfortably usable and looked decent.
This is supposed to be just a phone.
Also this line "small device .. with a 5.81” panel " is laughable.
I miss my old iphone se.

My nickname, 04 Mar 2020This camera setup on the back. oh my. This is one of the ... moreCheck black shark 3.. you will change your mind about the ugliness of pixel device..

  • Anonymous

The punch hole looks like it's in an odd position.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2020Ugh, it seems that Xiaomi is already hitting 7.1 inch with ... moreI personally consider anything bigger than 6.5" to be tablet size.

  • Anonymous

Small, 04 Mar 2020"We expect the small device to arrive with a 5.81 panel". Y... moreMy sentiments exactly lol.

  • My nickname

This camera setup on the back.
oh my.
This is one of the most appaling things I have encountered in my entire life.
I'm lost for words.

  • Anonymous

Fingerprint sensor, 3.5mm jack, no huge unbalanced forehead. A significant improvement on the Pixel 4.