Leaked Google Pixel 4a live images confirm punch hole design

04 March 2020
We see only one camera on the back in an extremely big square setup.

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Kissio, 04 Mar 2020Boring design.What does exciting look like? Serious question.

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    • vimal
    • XTm
    • 04 Mar 2020

    this 4a look 10 time better than pixel 4 ....haha.....its not even funny google, its a shame that cheaper phone has much better looks.....

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      • AnonD-914443
      • PEW
      • 04 Mar 2020

      I think 4a version of google pixel is made for my country like google pixel 3a

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        • nope
        • vV5
        • 04 Mar 2020


          Looks fake.

            God, it looks awful

              What's with the LCD panel assumption? It makes no sense. The 3a/3a XL have OLED panels and rear fingerprint scanners.

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                • Anonymous
                • XSI
                • 04 Mar 2020

                IPS LCD in a Pixel?
                Google must be high on shitz.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • YMq
                  • 04 Mar 2020

                  Which Processor ?

                    1. Only one camera while most midrangers have at least two
                    2. IPS LCD... lol
                    3. Punch hole

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                      • .alpha
                      • ytx
                      • 04 Mar 2020

                      Looks like Google looted the parts bin of Apple, Huawei, and Samsung

                        Boring design.

                          Why is punch hole off corner?

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                            • Anonymous
                            • T3A
                            • 04 Mar 2020

                            Anonymous, 04 Mar 2020I still wish it was just 5 inch. Would make nice, really co... moreUgh, it seems that Xiaomi is already hitting 7.1 inch with the Black Shark 3 Pro..
                            7 inch and larger is Tablet size.

                              I think the designers at Google don't know the meaning of simple and beautiful

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                                • Anonymous
                                • R0G
                                • 04 Mar 2020

                                Google should do what they have become famous for and cancel this phone before it hits the shelves.

                                Bins deserve better.

                                  Saintek, 04 Mar 2020We dont need 5 Cameras for good pictures....see Nokia purev... moreI agree. Actually 3 is the maximum (1 wide, 1 tele, 1 ultrawide). One of the problem that causes phone to have more cameras is thickness. People still want their phone to be as slim as possible, while nokia 808 and pureview had bigger sensor m, hence bigger lenses as well

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                                    • Jai
                                    • TS8
                                    • 04 Mar 2020

                                    Big Black Square for single cam
                                    In 2020
                                    Is this the worst specs ever come from such a big company(If its true)?

                                      inconsistent camera design! BIG SQUARE for 1 camera! lol

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                                        • Saintek
                                        • A5t
                                        • 04 Mar 2020

                                        We dont need 5 Cameras for good pictures....see Nokia pureview 808 or Lumia 1020...pictures still rocks and are almost top like new phones...i believe next phones should come 5 inch and one Pro Camera...we dont want big tablets.