Realme Band unveiled with HR monitoring, notifications and 10-day battery life

05 March 2020
The band has a standard USB-A connector, allowing it to charge directly from the port. Also, it features IP68 water resistance.

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  • Paull_Cranel

Mi band 4 is definitely better than this.

  • MobileMan

Its not a bad Smartband. For someone who wants olny for walking & light exercise its a good cheap band & it really killer price .

Though Mi Band 4 has its advantages Amoled ( Small but noticable difference ) , Better Resolution , 20 days battery life , better after market accessories , Mi Fit app & 3 rd party app supports , band faces but otherwise Realme is a good deal.

What about Gps? Mi Band 3i is missing HR(overrated feature in my opinion) but has a amoled display n can be used for swimming. At Rs1299 thats a better bet. Mi bands are also proven.

  • najib1312

IP68 only? So cannot use for Swimming

The other fitness bands like Mi Band 4, Huawei Watch GT 2 & Honor Band 5 are all rated for 5AT>

  • Anonymous

It has a cricket mode?

For the price, it's good. But I still think mi band 4 and honor bands are better.

  • Anonymous

The price is really very competitive. Realme seems to be adamant on shutting down xiaomi.