Huawei P40 Lite E launches in Europe as the cheapest P40 family member

04 March 2020
The phone is available for pre-order and you get a free Huawei Band 4.

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S8 9.0, 04 Mar 2020But they cant release phones in europe or its just for flagships?They can. But not with Gapps. Not like anyone would buy them.

  • Anonymous

Huawei's budget line of phones are worse than ever.

  • Anonymous

This is not what it looks like... the camera setup is wrong

  • eyes, use them

Numan, 05 Mar 2020Can anybody spot the difference between P40 lite e & Hu... morethe article literally states that they are the same device. it's not uncommon to see identical devices with region specific names

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2020Who'd want this in Europe?A bunch of people really hate Google here so I would not be amazed if they were not to buy these...

  • Anonymous

Who will but it?

  • Numan

Can anybody spot the difference between P40 lite e & Huawei y7p ?

Is it a joke. Same phone with 2 names.

JLECPSA, 04 Mar 2020This can't be true. The specs are worst than the P30 Lite. ... moreThis is not P40 Lite!! This is P40 Lite e.
Why everyone compare this with P30 Lite?
P40 Lite is Comming at March 26.

  • Janika

Hmmm, So if I was in the Eu with 200 EUr in my pocket, I should get a phone with 5 year old specs, no Play store, instead obtaining a Xiaomi Mi with Super Amoled display, inscreen fingerprint scanner, NFC, fast charger, etc, like the Mi 9 lite?!

  • Anonymous

Who'd want this in Europe?

MicroSD ? Now they are discounting the NanoSD slot, after ppl was forced to buy it ?

Way to go Huawei, way to go ...

At least the "promotion" was a nice touch, but considering the specs ... Ahem.

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2020I will buy it if it comes with Huaewei Market App. I am tir... moreI support that.,but it's not Google fault. When politics stop messing every aspect of our lives,we will be very happy to see normal competition.

  • Matthew

Update - lower price is not temporary - Huawei will keep 699 PLN instead of 999 PLN for P40 Lite E and 999 PLN instead of 1599 PLN for P40 Lite. Good they decided to cut pricing.

  • Persian

With no Google services, it can't success.

this is the same damn phone as the latest ones from them and honor.

  • JIL

272 euros regular price in Poland ! in Thailand it is 145 euros only (4990 bahts) has low specs and no Google Services. Nobody isbuying Huawei anymore...

  • Anonymous

720p+, 10w charging, 8mp selfie


  • Anonymous

The specs are awful.


This can't be true. The specs are worst than the P30 Lite. Is Huawei moving backwards ?

  • Anonymous

Huawei is done They need to sell their mobile department before its too late