Huawei P40 Lite E launches in Europe as the cheapest P40 family member

04 March 2020
The phone is available for pre-order and you get a free Huawei Band 4.

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  • Kek

720p screen, no GMS, and a microusb port too. And they still plan to ask more than 200 euros for this lmao.

  • Anonymous

This is just sad.

  • Anonymous

no google play services go away please

  • Anonymous

I will buy it if it comes with Huaewei Market App. I am tired of Google Play monopoly.

  • S8 9.0

But they cant release phones in europe or its just for flagships?

still using my y9 2019 here :/
specs looks almost the same (chipset wise), excluding the camera

  • AnonD-844967

This phonr is NO.
just NO.

  • Joker

P30 Lite was far better than this. Such a disgrace.

163 euros for no Google support and only 720p screen? Huawei have lost their minds. You can get a much superior Redmi Note 8t for that price