First vivo NEX 3s 5G teaser video focuses on the waterfall display

05 March 2020
Leaked info points to the "s" model keeping the extra large, extra curvy 6.89" Super AMOLED display.

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  • Jojo

Nobody wants waterfall screen. Just bezelless and curve ever so slight. Would rather have underscreen front camera instead of pop up also.

These screens are just plain silly, appart from the inherent trouble of undesired touches or scrolling difficulties, there is the thing about fingerprint smudges, I always try not to touch rhe screen if I dont need to, so I try to handle my device precisely at the edges, which obviously would not be an option with these silly-dumb screens

Do a good camera and I will buy!

These extreme curves shouldn't become a trend. Even the company that introduced us to this gimmick with their Edge series back in 2015-16 has reduced the curves on their latest models. Minor curve is fine as it hides the side bezels; although no curve is best from a practicality standpoint.

Most annoying feature ever. It's distorted at close viewing. The phone never guesses correctly whether you're trying to touch a scroll bar at the edge of the screen or you're just holding it normally.

  • Anonymous

Curve screen is bad

  • 855

Another useless video that didn't go strait to the point & shows nothing

  • Anonymous

Waterfall? Nah its boring..

Really like this phone. I seriously considered buying Nex 3 a few months ago. Hope the next Nex will receive at least a 90hz next time...