Weekly poll results: the Xperia 1 II and Xperia 10 II can rekindle your love for Sony, but are pricey

08 March 2020
Sony brought significant improvements to its Mark II phones that make them popular with voters. The price tags have proven less popular.

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Not interested by those elongated stick TV remote, at any price. Will keep my XZ1C for a long time and even buy a second one ..
My money is waiting for a Compact phone only. When i say Compact, i mean same external size, feel, weight and 16:9 screen ratio as the XZ1C.
Sony lost almost 80% of it's customers and they wonder why!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]the taught was there I mean the "thought"

  • Anonymous

Sony still hasn't learned about putting a premium on their devices after all these years. They lost to Samsung because the value on their devices have been horrible.

  • fre

You pay for premium stuff period. you cant afford it you dont buy. personally think it is kinda da right time to make all da Plus point to a compact form.

  • Anonymous

Flgshp2020, 09 Mar 2020They sell a lot more than Sony and give higher refresh rate out ... moreDo you really have illusion that like 5 million " gaming phones" are sold per year?
LOL .....

Do not trust when a chinese phone maker says they sold 300.000 of one device within 1 minute.

There is only one gaming phone. It is called Xperia Play. Rest are just regular phones with ugly gamer desktop cpu design.

  • Anonymous

Flgshp2020, 09 Mar 2020SD865 supports 4k@120fps. Supports 4K120 video recording, not 4K 120Hz screen.

  • The cell

Oppaii, 08 Mar 2020Im not really getting this. Sony fans are everywhere yet I barel... moreIt's all about price.
We like SONY and always be the fans. But right now personally i prefer SONY pre-owned rather than buying a new one.

  • Anonymous

Price has always been Sony's problem. Sony somehow still believes they are a premium brand, the kind where the name alone can convince people to pay a few hundred extra. It's like they're stuck in 1999 when phones were still bricks with buttons, and people were willing to pay extra for unique designs. Nowadays, all phones look basically the same - 90% screen rectangles. People pay for internal hardware, not a slightly-more-rectangular rectangle.

It's this delusion that is causing them to fail. Everything is overpriced. And with 204973489324 new phones coming out every year, EVERY price bracket is highly competitive. Sony is making an upper-midrange phone for flagship prices. And a budget phone for midrange prices.

Cut the price in HALF, and I'd consider them. They still might not be the best value even at 50% off, but they would be competitive.

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2020Because "gaming phones" barely sell. They sell a lot more than Sony and give higher refresh rate out of the box and don't throttle after continuous gaming or heavy work load.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-908380, 08 Mar 2020Sony prices sky high! You should say the same about apple, samsung etc or do you find only sony phone price this much.?

Firewarrior96, 08 Mar 2020even the chipset sd865 doesn't support more than 4K60fps ,but so... moreSD865 supports 4k@120fps.

  • Anonymous

orklid, 09 Mar 2020Samsung had a hard time accepting the fact that the winning secr... moreMidranges bring sales, not profits.
In 2019 Samsung sold more midranges than expected, but less,flagships than planned.
Profits went down.

Reason why Apple makes more money with sales than Samsung, Huawei, BBK and Xiaomi combined. All them rely on midranges/low end to keep marketshare. While Apple care about how many $ per unit they earn.

  • Anonymous

X41, 08 Mar 2020I just wish sony released them in India. Design + 3.5mm jackSame here.. I would buy it anyway

  • Anonymous

s-pen pusher, 09 Mar 2020here's an idea for sony, since everyone seems to be coming up wi... moreBecause "gaming phones" barely sell.

here's an idea for sony, since everyone seems to be coming up with gaming devices, why not revive the xperia play? the slide out controller would do wonders to gaming.

Samsung had a hard time accepting the fact that the winning secret lies in the low to mid range segment, not the highest end. Now itÂ’s time for Sony. If they really want to grow up again, they have no other option but to come down first. And honestly, I really think they should. Samsung's A series and M series basically have no competition other than Chinese brands like Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo. Nokia has some 'not so interesting' ones so nobody counts them in. HTC gone, LG gone, Sony missing. Motorola is confused. What happened to the good old phone market! Sony's few extinct mid range phones are shit compared to their prices and nobody is going to buy them. Come down Sony, give samsung something to eat. We still love you.

I hope Sony offers more build options. I love every feature about the phone but it's missing LTE/NR band 71 (600MHz) for North America. That's literally the only useful 5G band in North America right now. It's the longest-range band too, so remote areas have less coverage without it. It's something that's hard to forgive in such an expensive phone.

Not an opinion, 09 Mar 2020Sony actually can't beat any brand not just Apple, lol...Technically they beat Essential lol

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James, 08 Mar 2020I already made a comment to sell the mark II at $799. When are u... moreSony actually can't beat any brand not just Apple, lol...

  • AnonD-908380

LP760, 08 Mar 2020First. Higher su!cider rates in Japan are related to their cul... moreSouth Park is an animated show btw, seems like you didn't get the joke. Frankly I don't care what phone you choose. Battery optimization is pretty bad on Samsung but a 3000mAh battery for example is not going to be comparable even with bad optimization on Samsung's side.