Huawei's AppGallery will pay developers up to 100% of revenue for the first two years

06 March 2020
The industry standard is a 70/30 split between devs and the app store, at least as far as Apple and Google are concerned.

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Persian, 07 Mar 2020huawei can't compete with Google services. AppGallery is a ... moreThis joke is just for 2 or even more -3 year maybe. Give the Gallery some time mate. Even play store was a baby once upon a time; Huawei is just right in that position now ;)

    Baykko, 08 Mar 2020Do you realize that porting their apps from the Google Play... moreThanks for the explanation. I had this question about porting. Finally get it :D

      Anonymous, 08 Mar 2020It works on Samsung Devices too... Wowwww.. I just instal... moreWow! Such a sweet news ^_^

        Anonymous, 08 Mar 2020huawei will be history Don't worry. You won't see that (most probably :)

          alcatraz, 08 Mar 2020I'm wondering if anyone would be able to install the HMS ap... moreUmm! Such a magnificent propose ^_^

            That's surely a great kickstart :D

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              • 11 Mar 2020

              Anonymous, 08 Mar 2020More like a troll to meIt is.

                Anonymous, 08 Mar 2020I'm a dev. I DEFINITELY would go for a trusted store, and h... moreYou can put your app on many stores, you don't have to pick just one

                  Your not Annon, 08 Mar 2020please expound thank you"you're".

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                    • 08 Mar 2020

                    Anonymous, 08 Mar 2020huawei will be history please expound thank you

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                      • 08 Mar 2020

                      Anonymous, 08 Mar 2020I'm a dev. I DEFINITELY would go for a trusted store, and h... moreMore like a troll to me

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                        • 08 Mar 2020

                        huawei will be history

                          SpiritWolf, 08 Mar 2020Well, reminds me you. Words are there but point... It's mis... moreYou will was not. But the always is not truth other.
                          You lose and I concede. For never.

                            SpiritWolf, 08 Mar 2020Not the sharpest tool in the box, ay? Over 200 million peop... moreWhen you use that phrase, it automatically applies to you as well, since it is the most used phrase ever...think of something more original or just skip to the point.
                            As for Chinese market, they can do as they please, there is no competition, but when it comes to west, where they are heavily struggling to survive, they need to be more than competitive. By your logic, they can also do 50-50%, it is still better than nothing for developers, right? No. If you don't hold the monopoly that is not how it works

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                              • 08 Mar 2020

                              Baykko, 08 Mar 2020Desperation? they are not even losing money yet. they are s... moreHuawei are not interested in just ruling Asia. They want to be the global number one in the mobile space, an attainable goal when they had the support of Google services out side of their home market.

                              Without those services, they might as well stay at home. Hence the desperation, or do you think this is a permanent solution on the part of Huawei?

                              No, this is them desperately, there’s that word again, trying to play catch up in a situation they didn’t except to be in.

                              Regarding that situation, I also wish people would stop portraying Huawei, a Chinese megacorp, as some poor innocent victim of the tyranny of the USA. Certain American companies have been banned from doing business in China for well over a decade now, bout time for some turn around eh.

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                                • 08 Mar 2020

                                I'm a dev. I DEFINITELY would go for a trusted store, and have 20%, rather a totally-failed, even if it goes as 200%

                                  Huh if Huawei succeeds with this I might actually switch over.

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                                    • 08 Mar 2020

                                    It works on Samsung Devices too...
                                    I just installed it to my Samsung Tablet from Huawei website and Huawei Media Services got installed too.
                                    I can find 80-90 % of my local apps in my own language in Huawei Store and i use it on my Samsung Tablet now.

                                      AnonD-893029, 07 Mar 2020And Huawei are ethically pure eh? I be careful trying t... moreDesperation? they are not even losing money yet. they are still the 3rd biggest smartphone seller in the world. of course Huawei doesn't wanna lose any terrain and also they don't want depend on google and end up vulnerable to USA's whims.

                                      The App Gallery is understandably weak since its not even a year since Huawei got serious about it, but give it two and it will rule Asia

                                        Anonymous, 07 Mar 2020Waste of time for dev. Theres no money in huawei app galler... moreDo you realize that porting their apps from the Google Play Store to the App Gallery cost nearly nothing? they both run on Android and even Huawei Kirin chips are built on the same architecture as most other chips which means, throwing your app into the app gallery probably requires just a few adjustments and that's it, they will receive ALL revenue from doing almost no work