Redmi gets a fingerprint scanner to work under an LCD screen

09 March 2020
The accomplishment was announced by the brand manager.

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  • AnonD-909757
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  • 09 Mar 2020

I don't understand...
Why would anyone bother trying to force seeing through a display while there is better alternatives...
Optical fingerprint scanner themselves are already insecure as they can be fooled by a simple piece of paper, and clearly their system is slower than something like the OnePlus 7 serie have, meaning it require more time to gather the image, meaning the image quality is lower, so less secure...
In the meantime there is Qualcomm who released the 3D Sonic who work pretty well on the Samsung S10, S10 and Note 10, though it have a little issue with some peoples who can't get their fingerprint read, it is an ultrasonic sensor which have the advantage of being able to see in 3D, meaning it can' be fooled by a simple image.
Even better then new 3D Sonic Max is almost revolutionary, not only this is one of the first fingerprint reader to bring large area reading which is extremely convenient for obvious reasons, but also it have a way better security than the existing one, and it allow two finger at once authentification which drastically increase security, the ultrasonic signal can even go deep enough in the skin to be able to get heartbeat, meaning it can non only be used as an heartbeat monitor, but more importantly, it can check that this is a real finger who try to get read.
Optical are FAR behind in term of security compared to the 3D Sonic Max (or any equivalent alternative which could be made).

So why would they use a less secure and slower alternative when an existing system already solve the issue and work better in basically every ways ?
And it's like it come from a third party who could make poor quality or be unreliable, it is literally the same company who make the SoC they use in the phone, and that's is THE most important piece of technology in the phone.

As for LCD vs Oled, I personally don't really have a preference, what I do care about is battery drain and Always On Display feature and Oled is better on those two point.
This is funny because it would actually be quite easy to make a backlighting which is adressable and simply turn off its pixels where the display have black pixels, allowing for a really simple yet properly functional Always On Display and reduced battery drain, I don't get why this isn't a thing yet...
I know that LCD have better color quality, but it isn't the biggest concern of most peoples, and personally as a colorblind it won't matter to me.

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    • Deepak
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    • 09 Mar 2020

    PartTimePhoner, 09 Mar 2020They really be workin hard to not give its users amoled huh?LoL

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      • 09 Mar 2020

      AnonD-844967, 09 Mar 2020Amoled get lesser advantages as technology advances Amoled has more advantages as technology advances.

        Yes, it's a great implementation but still I can't understand why Redmi is not providing an sAMOLED in there budget segment... Yes there LCD Displays are also too good but giving an AMOLED in that quality will increase there marketing.... If they are coming with an LCD in-display FP then they may be more cheaper then AMOLED or somewhat like that..
        Still have to wait

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          • Mohit
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          • 09 Mar 2020

          Anonymous, 09 Mar 2020Now if they R&D developed a phone that you wouldn't hav... moreWe had smartphones by Motorola and Ivoomi in the past with shatterproof display. They were the best.

            Anonymous, 09 Mar 2020Side fingerprint scnner isa better placement.I agree, faster, more reliable, cheaper and more convenient location.

              Good try..., sounds fast!

                UD sensors are slower and less reliable. Please fix this instead or use the traditional sensors.

                  Most probably ultrasonic.

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                    • 09 Mar 2020

                    Oled should be scared

                      They really be workin hard to not give its users amoled huh?

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                        • 09 Mar 2020

               you have to activate the display first and push the power button first?
                        (that is what I can see in that clip)

                          IpsDisplay, 09 Mar 2020This is only the beginning people fail to realize how versa... moreBut then it wouldn't be IPS LCD anymore.
                          I mean, it could be considered as a variant of LCD, but this is more of an evolution of the technology.
                          The main problem right now is that microLEDs are difficult to mass produce for smartphone screens, since there's barely enough resources and capacity to make tiny LED bulbs that would fit into a smartphone. Heck, they can't even sustain the supply for large TV sets for consumer demands anyway.
                          Then there's the demand for foldable smartphones, and currently, there's no possible way to make one with this type of display technology, so while it's true that microLED is superior and would dominate OLED, it would take a long time before it happens, so OLEDs will reign for longer.

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                            • 09 Mar 2020

                            IpsDisplay, 09 Mar 2020This is only the beginning people fail to realize how versa... more60Hz OLED >>>>>>>600Hz LCD All day anyday.

                              This is only the beginning people fail to realize how versatile LCD is

                              And will eventually watch as it dominates OLED

                              Just watch when apple mass produces miniled on their iPad and eventually smartphones this year then everyone will be shocked at how LCD screens will rise again flagship presence

                              Even worse LCD will be the first to incorporate microled bulbs as a backlight then it's game over for OLED

                              LCD can and will overcome every one of its shortcomings OLED will never overcome organic decay

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                                • 09 Mar 2020

                                Back in 2019.

                                Why, that was only 3 months ago.

                                I guess lcds are still much cheaper to produce than oled screens and so it's still worth embedding the fingerprint scanner into the lcd.

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                                  • 09 Mar 2020

                                  They probably did the math but Im not sure if investing in development and implementation of such tech is actually cheaper then just buying AMOLED panel with UD fingerprint scanner. And me personally find the AMOLED displays far more superior then LCD. So for me this discovery is completely pointless.

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                                    • 09 Mar 2020

                                    nice , kinda justified the purpose of using amoled for that feature

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                                      • 09 Mar 2020

                                      Now if they R&D developed a phone that you wouldn't have to worry about when dropped that would be great. Or at least reduce the amount of glass that could break on the phone.

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                                        • 09 Mar 2020

                                        Amoled get lesser advantages as technology advances