Xiaomi closes its first and only UK store less than two years after opening

09 March 2020
The store was located in in the Westfield London shopping center.

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  • Anonymous

People do and will still buy them. Issue I always found was it was never a challenge to find the phones somewhere cheaper online. I went to the store a couple of times, checked out the phones and variants whilst I considered what I wanted, but I easily found a deal on a Mi 9 SE on eBay for £200 about 6 months ago vs the ~£300 in store. Holding that premium price point is hard. My previous phone was a Redmi Note 4, on eBay. My Mi Band 2 and Redmi Airdots were both off Amazon, but they're comparatively lower price point items. Its a tough market in the UK though. Only Three offers older models on a contract, and all networks put the majority of their thrust behind the latest Apple and Samsung to try and keep the boomers on their extortionate rolling contracts.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2020i dont buy over 250 euro phones for the reason that if it will b... moreif you break it it's not a warranty issue anymore lol
Just buy apple and applecare+ or get insurance for any other brand. You break it and you get a replacement.
You literally walk into an apple store and leave with a new device in 5 minutes.

Wonder why but really dont care much.

  • Anonymous

9 pro when it will be launch

Makes sense, Xioami pretty much dead in UK as any Chinese brand, prople dont care about chinese product there, Apple and Samsung dominates market

Uk ool in london likes : wtf is mi?
If xiaomi would put "xiaomi" on their shop ppl might get in

"We are growing so fast that we need to close stores"... hmmm 'kay

  • Anonymous

WazzaG, 09 Mar 2020Sky high business rents, taxes are killing UK businesses, but th... moreNah. I'd take my old school way of buying. It's fun to shop around at times when store is not crowded or nearly empty. Online sucks when it comes to dealing with defective products.

  • just having a beer

Any time I do read any business explanation on why this step has been done, we are provided with nothing of value, or explanation on why it has happened... Why?

  • Anonymous

Janika , 09 Mar 2020Xiaomi recently opened their second Mi store in Budapest, so giv... morejust wait it will be closed soon LOL

Good, going back to their original strategy, purely online sales

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  • Funny guy

AnonD-914443, 09 Mar 2020No in my country India there’s no hassle for warranties claiming.Absolutely no issue with claiming warranty. They just don't honor it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2020I have never seen a Xiaomi device in the UK. Half of the phones... moreSame here in the states, except substitute backdoor Huawei for LG, Motorola, and OnePlus.

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wasox, 09 Mar 2020Thid clearly shows that Xiaomi devices do not appeal to standard... moreLOL! There are actual bootleg Mi products out there?! That's so damn funny!

  • Anonymous

"This adjustment to our local retail strategy is a reaction to our fast growing business in Western Europe," what a load of bullcrap lol.

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I have never seen a Xiaomi device in the UK.
Half of the phones are iPhones, then Samsung, then Huawei.

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Anonymous, 09 Mar 2020You are right but when claiming for warranty of the phone its go... morei dont buy over 250 euro phones for the reason that if it will break i will go buy a new one cause going trough the hassle with the warranty isnt worth my nerves and time

why can't I comment? nvm now it worked

  • Janika

Xiaomi recently opened their second Mi store in Budapest, so give and take.