Google Pixel 4a stars in hands-on video review, most specs revealed

10 March 2020
This appears to be the 4G version of the phone with a Snapdragon 730.

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  • 10 Mar 2020

Would really like the memory to be 128GB ... $300 Moto phones also have 128GB memory and >= 4000mAh batteries ... these two drawbacks make it a difficult toss up between the Motorolas and Pixel 4a (if leaks are correct).

Also for the 4G Pixel 4a, a $400 price tag seems high considering the improvements are marginal ... really feels like one of the Motorola phones such as Moto One Action is a better buy in most aspects (except for Pixel 4a's imaging prowess)

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    • 10 Mar 2020

    Dolanescu, 10 Mar 2020Great phone... for 400$... What I like about google phones... moreI really doubt you'll still get that "NEW" feeling after 3 years of using a mediocre midrange phone. Pixel phones tend to come with outdated hardware and the phone becomes sluggish after 6 months.

      The mid ranger got more RAM than the flagship.


        Great phone... for 400$...
        What I like about google phones is that after 3 years you will have the latest features and all software upgrades... always the "NEW" feeling :D

          Pixel series are always worst in keeping curtains down before release. Why does Google fail so spectacularly?

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            • 10 Mar 2020

            Price is gonna be disappointing

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              • 10 Mar 2020

              All I'm interested in is the pricing. Will it be affordable?

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                • 10 Mar 2020

                3k battery... Lolz