Samsung Galaxy M11 leaks through Google Play Console, punch-hole selfie cam in tow

10 March 2020
The phone will be the entry-level model in the M series.

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  • R0G
  • 11 Mar 2020

I can't even imagine how much e-waste this company is creating, all for the sake of clearing inventory stockpiles and making a quick buck no matter what.

I hope companies like this one stand accountable for what thay have done.

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    • r31ya
    • sEG
    • 11 Mar 2020

    If this thing priced under M20 at around $100, it'll have decent foothold to compete with Redmi 8a series and bunch from Vivo.
    The Samsung name still have decent pull for older customers.

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      • uJD
      • 11 Mar 2020

      Why even release this.

        worth $50

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          • TFM
          • ypY
          • 11 Mar 2020

          SD 450 is a heating chipset don't waste time

            Looks like they're trying to clear up the excess inventory of SD450 they intended to use on A6+ and J8 almost a couple of years ago.