Unofficial Huawei P40 Porsche Design case lacks the symmetry of previous PD phones

11 March 2020
All previous Porsche Design phones put the camera on the centerline, but that may not be possible with the P40-based phone.

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Huawei has NEVER involved PS design on the P SERIES!!

  • moon

Haha, I enjoyed reading comments from the people that are trying to make themselves believe that Huawei is not a mouth watery piece of excellent craftsmanship and a most advanced applied engineering technology cram into the new upcoming Huwawei P40 line.
The title itself says, no symmetry for the porche design? And what? are you happy with the awkward circles of you Iphone 11? The latest iphone for me is the most desperately designed phone created by man of all times. Yes you have excellent software but pity to your architects and modelers. So poor. Stupid people are real.

What a joke. Porsche Design would never release something like this. Logo is too round, low quality. "unofficial" means counterfeit, this case looks like trash and probably smells like the cheapest chinese silicone/plastic 7 cents injection mold that we all know it is. Nonsense like "Auto Focus" and "wireless signal connects well" printed on the case like it's straight from Aliexpress...

  • Anonymous

to be honest, I never feel the "Porsche Design" vibe from these phones.. The trademark of Porsche Design (PD) isn't that vertical line. PD products always has minimalist design with boxy and flat design, and PD products always come in Silvergray color, not black nor red.. just check out their laptop (convertible book one or ultra one) or their bluetooth speaker (gravity one) or their portable hdd (Lacie products), from there you can see PD trademark design is boxy/rectangular design with flat frame/side and round corners also no curvy ledges.
The only phone (right now) that that has close/similar design language like PD is the upcoming xperia 1 II, rectangular with flat frame, imagine it if it has silvergray color and put PD logo on the back..

Its just a case

  • Anonymous

I like new design

To be expected, each year it got worse.

well, GSMARENA team, who cares about a third party case.
and uh the case is actually symmetrical, the camera bump has a deaper black half, that half will continue the darker stripe and make it seem like it's continued.

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2020Looks like someone didn't bother reading the title of this ... moreI dig that. But the content says like its the real thing, with some error, says PD came out with P series & Mate, when it always came only with Mate.

  • Anonymous

Shui8, 11 Mar 2020Lol GSMarena. Thats just an illegal 3rd party PD case. Even... moreLooks like someone didn't bother reading the title of this content.

Some dodgy cheap knock-off case. Logo is rounded rather than square and there's never been a P-series Porsche Design device.

  • Afif

LOL design

  • Anonymous

That will be one gross design.

Lol GSMarena. Thats just an illegal 3rd party PD case. Even the logo is wrong.

Porsche Design only came with Mate series, and its design embedded onto the smartphone body, not with additional case.