Redmi Note 9 Pro Max brings back the big screen experience

12 March 2020
The phone arrives with four cameras on the back, punch hole on the front.

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  • Chhotu patel

There is no fingerprint

  • Majidul Sikdar

I need this mobile this month

  • Prince Raj

Please give a review of all parts of redmi note 9 pro max..

  • Getyourfactsstraight

Yashpal Thakur, 15 Mar 2020Redmi 9pro Max is Awesome phone in this price range under 2... moreWhat are you talking about? This doesn't make sense.

  • Yashpal Thakur

Redmi 9pro Max is Awesome phone in this price range under 20k, Its Snagdragon 720G which is better than 865P, 865 P is 12nm but 720G is 8nm which is better than 865, 8Gb Ram, and the best is Battery 5020 Mah Li polymer which is better than Li-ion battery, its with Super Fast Charging 33W, Phone works on OS Android 10 which latest one.

If you want all these features i other phones it will be 30k around or more..

So i Liked very much its 5g Also. Go for it

Value for money....

super phone

  • Anonymous

So no telephoto ?
But a macro lens ? Just put autofocus on the ultrawide, and that can be used for macro shots.
Give us a telephoto like Realme 6 Pro instead

  • Anonymous

Mi max 3 6.9inch with 18:9, feels like mi max 1... New replaced mi max 3 must have at least 7 inch or more... Redmi note 9 pro max 6.67inch with 20:9, feels like iPhone plus 5.5 inch, big screen failed! Black shark 3 pro 7.1inch with 19.5:9, passed!

  • moamen

don't buy it
right now I am writing this comment ftom redmi note 8
worst touch experience ever from day one and worst warranty every .. they simply refused to take it back, denied any problems with their terrible products .. just search about their screen issues before buying it .. it is widely reported
plzzzz let everyone know that

the big screen should go for longer not wider . too wide , hand too difficult to hold it.
this is correct spec . but should be ignore 4GB 64GB version . no ppl will still interesting in those low RAM , low Memory model unless really concern about the price.
hope Redmi can come out 4 mics bluetooth headset , 3 popular type. mono , neckband stereo , and Truly wireless earbud , all with good battery life and 4 mics noise cancellation.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2020Most of the features in non-stock Android skins are absolut... moreTriggered!
Don't worry you'll get a glimpse of the current polished features of Android on your iPhone in 2030.
Till then beg Apple to innovate, Or not coz Apple won't give anything new and brand boys like you will justify it.

  • Anonymous

Flgshp2020, 13 Mar 2020They have already made a much better skin that iOS garbage.... moreMost of the features in non-stock Android skins are absolute gimmicks. All Chinese skins are full of lag-inducing bloatware and are total eyesores. They can try their hardest to imitate iOS but they'll never beat the original in terms of aesthetics, simplicity, speed, and updates. Even after 12 years Android still hasn't fixed its inherent fragmentation problem and the platform is constantly full of bugs and malware. Anyway, enjoy your cheap Chinese smartphone that'll get updated twice in two years and then get kicked to the curb lol.

GregLu, 12 Mar 2020Again, for you it's useless, for others it will not. And tr... moreAgain, wasting space and money for a "sensor", not even a camera, that does only one type of pictures, is useless for anybody. Ultrawide with autofocus can do macro (e.g., in Xiaomi Mi Note 10 that is exactly how macro shots are done despite having "macro camera" which isn't being used and is present only for marketing bs), telephoto helps main camera do boke (portraits). Having 3 cameras (main, telephoto, ultrawide) with AF on all gives you 5 types of shots, having 4 cameras (main, ultrawide, macro, depth) without AF on all gives you only 4 types of shots, mediocre ones at that.

"it's more of a selling point" - and that is bad for customers.

Why S20? OnePlus 7T has 3 cameras (main, telephoto, ultrawide) with AF on all - and costs much less than S20. BTW, no phone in S20 series has AF on ultrawide - that's just facepalm.

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2020Also, EMUI, ColorOS, FuntouchOS, etc., are all hot garbage,... moreThey have already made a much better skin that iOS garbage.
Welcome to 2020, where no skin in the Android world disappointing.

IOS will never match the premium experience of an Android skin.
Chinese manufacturers pushing the bar in improving this already premium experience.
Enjoy your buggy iOS that will slow down your battery and cpu with every subsequent update.

I don't think this is a successor of Mi Max line and I believe Xiaomi use it in 'iPhone' way.
Also, 'In-display' camera? More like 'in-terrupting-the-display' camera.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020Lol miui and other chinese manufacturers started with the w... moreAlso, EMUI, ColorOS, FuntouchOS, etc., are all hot garbage, too. The only tolerable Chinese skin is OxygenOS, for obvious reasons. The Chinese simply can't make a decent piece of software even if their lives depended on it lol.

Barbara2222, 13 Mar 2020Check prices againBetter for u to check. Phone is 200€ or 200$.

Mikio, 13 Mar 2020What is the camera sensor?Samsung

Aks, 12 Mar 2020Realme 6 pro is 200$.Check prices again

What is the camera sensor?

  • Aks

Barbara2222, 12 Mar 2020I agree realme 6 pro is better ، but with 350 $ price tag, ... moreRealme 6 pro is 200$.