Redmi Note 9 Pro Max brings back the big screen experience

12 March 2020
The phone arrives with four cameras on the back, punch hole on the front.

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Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020Redmi Note 9 Series Proved to be huge failure against Redmi... moreI agree realme 6 pro is better ، but with 350 $ price tag, if you want to spend so much money buy a mi 9t 🤷

  • Anonymous

Redmi Note 9 Series Proved to be huge failure against Redmi 6 Series this time...

Realme gives 64MP on both, 30W charging on both, 90Hz displays on both, indisplay cam is also comparatively in better position against ugly center position of Note series, which is more obtrusive to fullscreen vision... Also Realme 6 Pro also give telephone lens which is missing on both Redmi Note phones along with dual selfie cameras which are also absent in note series

  • TheArtist

Well not much difference between the N9P and the N9P Max other than the cameras and fast charging. As both have the same display size, the Max in the name is not justified. Will now go for Samsung or Realme maybe.

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020at this price point? really? you expect 5g or NFC?Well at least NFC. As I said I'm my original comment even the Note 8t had it

  • TheArtist

The Voice of Reason, 12 Mar 202020:9 aspect ratio? Or 22:9? No, it's not a continuation, it... moreUnfortunately we don't have someone to represent us. They will keep imposing whatever they want and unless we unite and demand for 16:9 screens and other useful features like removable batteries to make a come back. To best honest, 18:9 ratio is still better than 20:9 unusually tall aspect ratio, 16:9 is even perfect aspect ratios as stretching 16:9 content to fill in on newer aspect ratios look unusually weird. We are a minority in the tech world.

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020You need to brush up on how fast charging actually works. ... morePufff comment whosent about fast changing at all, it whose about battery life cycle & actually nothing changed regarding that from introduction of LiPo batteries. I am not fun boy, you are. Had a what's considered a parent of this Mi Max & while it whose a good phone Xiaomi menaged to brick various things with updates. Sony just work's & may have a quirk or two but that's about it. I don't like they pricing but it's quite OK as I don't persue latest models anymore.

  • Anonymous

Jai, 12 Mar 2020Which camera is it using? Samsung or sony?Samsung

  • Anonymous

Arif238, 12 Mar 2020Never say that, I don't like ios too but given that what yo... moreLol miui and other chinese manufacturers started with the whole icons on home screen look inspired by iOS. But this is where the similarity between iOS and Chinese Android skins end.

MIUI and other Chinese skins are simply way more functional, customizable and secure than iOS can ever be.
It's like iOS is still stuck in 2013 while MIUI has evolved to a level, iOS can't reach.
As I said, miui is what iOS should have been.

  • Anonymous

soares, 12 Mar 2020Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 II (Mark two) Pro Max Ultra Premium F1 :DYou are confusing people. The dogit is 2, not 1.

  • Anonymous

ZolaIII, 12 Mar 2020It depends on how much charging circles you have in years o... moreYou need to brush up on how fast charging actually works.
Sony is absolutely behind.
All the info you talk about fast charging makes me think you are still living in 2016.
Or maybe it's just you using Sony which is giving you 2016 fast charging technology.

I urge you to research more on how fast charging solutions from OnePlus, Realme, Oppo, etc. work. Not gonna lose more braincells arguing with Sony brand boy.

Nicolas F, 12 Mar 2020I don't want to pay for useless components even in a "cheap... moreAgain, for you it's useless, for others it will not. And trust me, people make more macro shot that telephoto in a day to day usage ;)

For the Depth sensor I couldn't agree more that it's kinda useless since it can achieved on software side. But hey, it's more of a selling point when you have 4 instead of 3 cameras :D

When I referred to cheap, it was agains S20 and so on that are at more than 1000 EUR. :)

The Voice of Reason, 12 Mar 202020:9 aspect ratio? Or 22:9? No, it's not a continuation, it... moreThe last phone with 16:9 screen I saw was the xz2 premium 2 years ago

soares, 12 Mar 2020Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 II (Mark two) Pro Max Ultra Premium F1 :DWill be launched in mid June lmao

Not big screen, it's just 69.5mm wide and it just taller

Come on we dont need 5 mp macro sensor, I think midrangers should have telephoto lens too , realme 6 pro i better choice but with 350 dlr price tag

  • Anonymous

Anders, 12 Mar 2020No NFC or 5G? Very disappointed. The Note 8 Pro had NFC, ev... moreat this price point? really? you expect 5g or NFC?

2 MP depth sensor,😂

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020Big screen? Really? 6.67" in 19.5:9 aspect ratio is NOT B... moreCouldn't agree more. Screen width is important and should be the new measurement of determining how big the display is.

  • LP760

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020All lies. No such battery degradation observed. No one com... moreOppo's 65W charger can full a battery in just ½ hour.Xiaomi has demonstrated 100W fast charger.
These are going to kill battery really fast.

Heat management,charging method maybe optimized but you cannot escape physics.
Everytime a battery is charged it loses some of its capacity in that process.& beyond 90% batteries resist charging so chaeging should be really slow beyond that.

But now These chinese manufacturers are coming and claiming that they are gonna charge the battery from 0-100% in just ½ hour so beyond 85-90%,charging rates would be obviously higher than ideal speeds.
This will cause battery degradation really fast.

Its a fact that Xiaomi phones lose their battery capacity much faster than Sony.Sony uses highest quality batteries for smartphones industry & their Qnovo Battery management is the best in the industry.

Sony UI is one of cleanest,Well optimized UIs
6 GB Xperia 1,5 were on par with Samsung and OnePlus with their 12GB RAM,That ahow the level of optimization & RAM management of Sony
.Also Sony update their phones much faster than any chinese brand except OnePlus.

Previously Sony phones lacked a bit in their Hardware features,bit this year they provided a really promising Hardware package.$1200 is expensive but when look at Find X2 Pro,Galaxy S20+,Mi 10 Pro are also priced in the same range then Xperia 1 mk ii is more than justified for asked price.

  • hwklap

LCD again! no thx