Redmi Note 9 Pro Max brings back the big screen experience

12 March 2020
The phone arrives with four cameras on the back, punch hole on the front.

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20:9 aspect ratio? Or 22:9? No, it's not a continuation, it's a PoS.

Give me back 16:9 aspect ratio and we'll talk. I don't scroll through Instagram/FB/Twitter 24x7. I usually read news/information and watch videos.

Arif238, 12 Mar 2020Can anyone tell the key difference between 720G and vanilla 730.S720G is based on Kryo 465 cores, while S730 is based on Kryo 470, so S730 has a minor CPU advantage.
S720G supports BT5.1, while S730 supports BT5.0.
Other than that, they're almost identical.

No NFC or 5G? Very disappointed. The Note 8 Pro had NFC, even the Note 8t had it

  • Anonymous

This just seems like it was made to not do poco x2 any harm

  • soares

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020in future: note 10 pro max ultra premium editionXiaomi Redmi Note 9 II (Mark two) Pro Max Ultra Premium F1 :D

  • max10

Lemme guess, redmi note 10 will be released in November or December this year

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020All lies. No such battery degradation observed. No one complain... moreSelling point of few brands: charging speed and antutu score.

LOL ......

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020All lies. No such battery degradation observed. No one complain... moreIt depends on how much charging circles you have in years or year & a half with one per day in the year it will lose 10~15%, in the year & a half it will be on the limit of 500 recharges and lose 20~30% it won't lose half capacity until it reaches about 2.5 years. Than again there are people who recharge even twice a day. Xiaomi uses the same battery's as Samsung, Sony makes their own & those are a little better. Ideal world be that you don't go under 20% & charge really slow from 90%. By all means don't overcharge (don't keep it challenging when it's full). That way you get 20~30% more charging cycles. Bigger battery sure helps. Sony has a software future that stops charging at 90% over night and continues it to be fully charged at your wake up time.

MiUI ain't bad, firmwares & kernel infrastructure is a joke. Sony is a closest you can get to Google stock Android without being a Google's gimmipig. Kernel & infrastructure is well mentioned & only Google is better in this for they own devices.

  • Jai

Which camera is it using? Samsung or sony?

I love the camera placement

Can anyone tell the key difference between 720G and vanilla 730.

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020IOS is handicapped OS. MIUI is what iOS should have been. Never say that, I don't like ios too but given that what you are implying, miui should not design its skin like ios in the first place. It is an android phone. It could have done better if it followed the Android design closely. Look what oneplus has achieved with Oxygen OS.

  • Anonymous

in future: note 10 pro max ultra premium edition

  • Anonymous

LP760, 12 Mar 2020Realme 6 pro is thtter than this. This phone is really just pap... moreIOS is handicapped OS.
MIUI is what iOS should have been.

  • Anonymous

LP760, 12 Mar 2020If one can stick a 100W charger to his phone does not mean he is... moreAll lies.
No such battery degradation observed. No one complaining about the same either.
40-50% Loss in one year (LOL must be in your fantasy world).

Faster charging tech incorporates current voltage, heat generated and other factors before charging at a certain rate. It is equipped to handle fast charging without degradation.

Sony is simply garbage and as average as you can buy for 1200 dollars . Chinese manufacturers are pioneers in fast charging department. Sony can't even optimize their own camera sensors.
MIUI lot more feature packed and useful than stock boring Sony Ui.

  • Anonymous

Eww big nope (pun intended).
90 Hz screen with telephoto camera on Realme Pro 6 is much better than this thing.

  • Anonymous

Uglier than S20 ultra cooktop.

  • AnonD-844967

Aierlan, 12 Mar 2020They will have a different 5g variant for China. Rumored to have... moreFew people actually think of importing from china.
What people see is the global version not the chinese version.

  • Woka

AnonD-844967, 12 Mar 2020To all people who said it will have demisty 800 and oled display... moreThis is India launch/version. Not International launch & not China market version. China may have 5G version with Dimensity 800