Redmi Note 9 Pro announced with Snapdragon 720G SoC and 48MP quad camera

12 March 2020
It's actually the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max with downgraded cameras and reduced battery charging speed.

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  • Anonymous

TheArtist, 12 Mar 2020Little disappointed with the Note 9 Pro and Note 9 Pro Max ... moreCenter punch hole is more obtrusive than left punch hole.... Left punch hole would be almost hidden and invisible when anyone would be playing any game or watching movies or video while holding phone in landscape mode... But center punch willl always come in front of your eye whether you're gaming or watching movies... Other than so called being symmetrical, which is also not a feature but just a term to make people feel it's better, i don't see any plus point of center punch holes .. They look ugly and come in front of your eyes 95% of the time... unless you are only looking at bottom of the phone... While left punch hole can be hidden ( not in focus, not in peripheral vision ), because it's located in corners... of the phone .. But our peripheral vision is focused on mid screen real estate most of the time.. So 95% of the time.. You wouldn't even notice left punch hole... But you'll notice center punch quite more often... due to its placement

TheArtist, 12 Mar 2020Little disappointed with the Note 9 Pro and Note 9 Pro Max ... morelmao, 720G isn't powerful enough to support 60 fps at max settings

  • Anonymous

Redmi Note 9 Series Proved to be huge failure against Redmi 6 Series this time...

Realme gives 64MP on both, 30W charging on both, 90Hz displays on both, indisplay cam is also comparatively in better position against ugly center position of Note series, which is more obtrusive to fullscreen vision... Also Realme 6 Pro also give telephone lens which is missing on both Redmi Note phones along with dual selfie cameras which are also absent in note series

  • Anonymous

Steben1., 12 Mar 2020When is this device coming to Nigeria. Can't waitConsidering it's downgrade compared to the Rn8, you can wait.

  • TheArtist

Little disappointed with the Note 9 Pro and Note 9 Pro Max as I had expected 90 Hz refresh rate display along with higher touch sampling rate. 720G Processor is fine by me. Qualcomm just needs to get developers of PUBG Mobile to unlock Extreme (60 fps) option in game graphics. Design is pretty good, I like the centre punch hole which looks symmetrical and is not obstructive. It looks far better than left or right punch hole in display. All other specs are pretty good and acceptable. Hoping GSMArena to review both the Note 9 Pro and the Max variants pretty soon.

  • HoHaHaHo

I skipped Note 8 Pro and was expecting something better with the Note 9 Series. Unfortunately the problem with Xiaomi is that their MIUI still shows too much content recommendations and obstructive ads and you need to individually turn off many options so that minimal ads are shown.. Last Note phone I used was the Note 3 and MIUI was good without ads at that time. It's for this reason I'm hesitant to buy a Xiaomi device again no matter how good it is on paper.

"4GB/64GB priced at (...) $175"

Now that's actually quite reasonable. I was worried about lack of improvements compared to last generation, but with the pricing it actually makes sense. They just focused on keeping the price down instead of throwing in that many features.

  • Anonymous

This is probably Xiaomi's last effort to put so many 4G smartphones in a series. From now on, there won't many available chips to use for 'pure' 4G smartphones.

The current lineup (RN9, RN9Pro, RN9RroMax) are essentially a lineup of bridesmaids (bridesmaids No.1, No.2, and No.3), because the real bride is still waiting in the wings.

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center punch whole yesss!!!

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Dred, 12 Mar 2020I believe this year redmi note 9 pro is "vanila" model and ... moreOk what about redmi 9?

  • WTF

I don't want any PRO model. Where is the ordinary Redmi Note 9?
Marketing nowadays really sucks. I don't want any additions, PRO, MAX, ULTRA.

  • Qwerty2020

AnonD-894375, 12 Mar 2020LED is not OLED. LED term in display meant the backlighting... moreLED is a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it.
LED is the GRANDFATHER of OLED, so it IS INDEED similar, but not the same.

Yeah, LED technology is also used in lamp, but the one used in smartphones IS NOT LED LAMP; IT IS CALLED BACKLIT, to give back light to the display, but only for LCD (placed behind the display).
That's why, if the backlit are dead, u cannot see the LCDdisplay, BUT THE DISPLAY itself is not broken (just have to change the dead backlit).

LED is based on LCD?
Are u high on something?
LED is greatly differ from LCD; LED uses diodes which EMITS LIGHT (no need for backlit), while LCD uses liquid crystal in glass electrodes and need fluorescent lights as backlit. Other notable difference is that LCD is harmful for environment, as it contains Mercury.

Learn or research on the subject u r going to object before made a FOOL of urself by showing the whole world how 'smart' u actually are.

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  • Dred

Kpkj, 12 Mar 2020Redmi note 9 version?I believe this year redmi note 9 pro is "vanila" model and 9 pro max is "bigger" brother.
So RN9 maybe wont even come out because these two could be regular and better model.

CptPower, 12 Mar 2020Man but LCD consumes less ennergy from battery, offers more... moreWeird, because LCD for me has worse colors consume more battery and is has gray blacks compared to OLED.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020It it me or does this phone in that green/blue colour look ... moreWho cares, huawei copies most of the time too. Besides, don't you think it's an good achievement, that there is now a phone, with good camera and a punch hole display. Good spec sheet for price too, but the chipset should've been better.

  • Aryan

I definitely expected better than this from Redmi !

  • Nass

What about redmi note 9? Why? Xiaomi is not organized at all.

  • Anonymous

It it me or does this phone in that green/blue colour look like a Huawei Mate 20 Pro with its centered square camera module

Redmi note 9 version?

Cyberchum, 12 Mar 2020Lie. OLED is only more battery efficient on dark background... moreDark mode isn't exactly for night time or reading in dark environments (blue light filter is the exact feature for that instead). I personally use dark mode or dark theme every time on every occasion when possible because they are just more comfortable in the eyes of many people including myself.