Rumor reveals Huawei P40 lineup's European pricing and availability

12 March 2020
The P40 series will be unveiled on March 26 through an online event.

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Aquila, 12 Mar 2020If you have money you have to throw them around? I want to buy m... moreThrow money around? You must be joking me.
Suppose a cooked egg costs $2, a raw egg costs $0.2.
If you only have $1, you are hungry and can only afford a $0.2 raw egg, can you blame Person A who has $100 and bought a cooked egg at $2?

He's not throwing his money around.
He spent just 2% of his net worth while you spent 20% of your net worth.
Who's the one who can't control their spending?

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020I'm very curious to see if anyone will buy this phone without Go... moreI think a lot of people will actually buy it. I'm from Denmark and I will buy it if the cameras turn out to be extremely good, like better than iPhone, Samsung and Oppo. If not better then I'll get the Oppo Find X2:)

I couldn't care less about Google services and I know many people feel the same way. Also it's just a matter of time before all the popular "European" apps will be avaible in Huawei Appstore.

Google's monopol is gone and over the next 10 years we will see that. I'm happy about that since monopol is not good for us consumers.

Jake420, 14 Mar 2020Yeah I suggest the oppo find x2 though it's a better buy. Hones... moreYeah I don't know what they are thinking. I think they have no problems because their main markets is China and everyone will buy their phones there so they probably don't care not really need the money from western markets.

Emeline Shaw, 12 Mar 2020I'm sad to see Huawei join the "Premium segment price tags" as w... moreYeah I suggest the oppo find x2 though it's a better buy.
Honestly this is huawei's biggest mistake compared to the s20 ultra it lacks a qhd+ screen,high refresh rate,a 2020 professor, lower ram and ROM,and lack of google services for 5$ dollars more than the base s20 ultra.
The huawei was already gonna have low sales without gms it's biggest hope was their diehard fans but now it's even pricier with last year specs and a 'good' camera and they think it's justified.
The mate 40 would be a better buy but then the note 20 would be better than both

Tara S. Kennedy, 12 Mar 2020Insane prices, going to buy the Mi 10 Pro.The oppo find x2 vanilla is a better buy tbh

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Nik, 13 Mar 2020You need to be very arrogant to want that kind of money for a ph... moreReminds me of when I bought an Amazon tablet and you could get some android apps but I regretted it in the end. You want to just be able to get on with things and use everything. I wouldn't touch Huawei phones now with the lack of GMS

  • Nik

You need to be very arrogant to want that kind of money for a phone with an underdeveloped store and apps that cover at least 50% of GMS capabilities.

I have Mate 20 X and it is BEST smartphne :) making galaxy ultra so small hahaahah

Hm... I am a bit disappointed. I thought it will be cheaper than the Galaxy line-up (as earlier rumors suggested)... Well... at least Sammy gets a chance this year too. Especially because they phone appeared first, and it also contains Google services.

Hopefully it will drop price quickly, otherwise.. R.I.P Huawei...

F* you Huawei with your price gouging.

  • Anyone

Emeline Shaw, 12 Mar 2020Time will tell if it's a bad move or not. I just hope they do... moreNo bigger than the exploding Note 7

Djnady99, 13 Mar 2020thumbsup. people, ask for invoation, good features... inshor... moredon't bother much of grammatical mistake or spelling mistakes.........
if you know english you would definitely understand what i am trying to say it doesn't contains any Mathematical or Computing Programming coding languages :P :V
ohhh wait, maybe i was not using google while i was typing this message :P xD

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Fernando , 12 Mar 2020U pay 1000$ for a camera phone???? How many pictures u take a week?Enough pictures and whenever I take pictures or videos, I want the best smartphone camera in my hands.

mooox, 12 Mar 2020Curious. Why are people who can't afford premium phones be comme... morethumbsup.

people, ask for invoation, good features... inshort, flagship smartphone but obvious price would be high.
huawei give good quality phone as we saw mate 30.

then, later if people agree phone has everything and meets their requirment they would jump on gms services xD

like comeon, what if gms was closed down globaly all of sudden for all the brands and smartphones? wouldnt you've used a smartphone ? then you would have jumped on ios (apple) and what if apple may have got closed down as well ? xD

learn to live with chages or else you wont grow

every individual goes from certain annoying way in their life but in the end it helps you to grow to learn and you gain knowledge.

eventually, google and facebook spies on each one of their users more then what your government does xD

people says after paying $1000+ why should i sideload the apps which i require ?
tellme, when you buy a car or motorcycle which cost eventually 20 to 50 times more of it.
you do clean your motorcycle, take it to garage for regular servicing and not only that but you also purchase few stuff like jackets, pad, covers, fragrance (for cars), you purchase mobile holder for bikes etc etc..... arent these some side works you do ? xD

ok, will make more simple for you.... you go to have a pizza.... almost 98% or atleast 90% of the people 1st look for some toppings, sauce, chilli flakes etc.... arent those something extra/sideloading/effects you made etc.. ?

people are so much made for no having google service as if, if someday google goes down then they wont live anymore, they would go and die somewhere xD

so my question is, is it google or is it oxygen without which you can't live your life ? xD

it's a kind of hassles for sideload apps but it's easy not a big deal... smart people do that quite easily... lazy people will just find some excuses..... -_-

and anyhow, these us ban is not but dram for politic fame... or more of a jealous think as i understand.

becasue, ban extensions dont give me any logic, if a country is have some thread it should be banned completely........ why givin ban extensions ?
we it's very much clear, how china is leading in tech field... 1st for 5g and now in terms on smartphones too, i believe soon....

anyway, i am not here to discuss about ban..

my point is it's just an application which is google u use, not oxygen without which you cant live your life.

back in days where facebook was not available, people use to be loving orkut... but now as facebook is more easy to use, people switched from orkut to facebook.

so 1 day when something else will comeup which is more easy to use then google you would switch it that app infuture..... its not a big deal.

so moveon, life is big... if u love then phone and can purchase it then go fr t..sideload would not be a problem at all, and if u cant purhase or dont wanna purchase then dont, no1 forced you, anyway..........................................­................

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This is personal experience as we have both Apple and Huawei phones in my family - Huawei phones are superior in every possible way. There’s a reason US government is trying to destroy Huawei as the truth is Apple simply can’t compete.

Aquila, 12 Mar 2020If you have money you have to throw them around? I want to buy m... moreThere's saying: I am too poor to buy cheap products. And it's actually true. My P30Pro is as fast as day one and battery hasn't degraded a bit. Friend bought Poco month earlier. Hm... Can't say he saved as his phone is dead.
My next phone will be Huawei for sure, ESPECIALLY without Google spyware. Hoping for Harmony OS though.

Me , 12 Mar 2020Rather buy Oppo find x2 pro with good camera and GoogleNo.

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wasox, 12 Mar 2020Wrong, you are utterly wrong, what is on your "mind" ? Then, ... moreApple is the exception. They have no low end/entry models. They charge a premium for all their products and they make money on all of them.

Bm, 12 Mar 2020They have some balls selling these phones at that prices without... moreTime will tell if it's a bad move or not.

I just hope they don't disappoint or fail on the camera front like Samsung did with the Ultra.

The Ultra is probably the biggest mistake in years in the smartphones business.

Nikcrf, 12 Mar 2020See what happens with Mate 30 and you got your answerGood point. I suspect they will sell more P40 Pro's though. How long does Huawei support their customers with new OS versions? Is it 3 years or 2 years, like Samsung?