vivo X30 gets a Mirror Edition in collaboration with Alexander Wang

13 March 2020
The new color option will be introduced in seven days.

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  • 13 Mar 2020

MagicMonkeyBoy, 13 Mar 2020Nice one vivo. Always original in creative design and innov... moreRubbish...never touched lower and middle-range vivo phones? I can assure models like the V19 Pro, Z1/S1 Pro, Z6 Pro, Y91c, etc. are recycled models. Go test the phones as well and they're rubbish (tried V17 Pro, Z1/S1 Pro, and Y91c)

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    • 13 Mar 2020

    Here's 1 more

    TLDR: It's good. Better than iPhone at portrait shots. Better than Reno 10x and in some instances Huawei P30 Pro for zoom.

    direct comparison against
    1) Oppo Reno 3 Pro for daylight shots (since both launched at the same time at the same price)
    2) iPhone 11 Pro Max for portrait shots (because both about 50mm, similar specs, and iPhone is supposed to be good
    3) Huawei P30 and Oppo Reno 10 X (only available periscope cameras at that point)

    - 1) Most differ on how they process the images, the algo for night shots are different as well
    - 2) iPhone doesn't cut people out as well. iPhone doesn't "beautify" the people, don't do well in backlight, but has most pleasing defocused background processing
    - 3) Vivo more megapixels, better images in general

    Zoom image stabiliser is much more effective on Vivo than P30 Pro or Oppo 10x

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      • 13 Mar 2020

      Anonymous, 13 Mar 2020I've yet see any decent review for this device though.If you read chinese, you'll see lots.

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        • 13 Mar 2020

        I posted links to many reviews, waiting for the mods to approve.

        search on youtube:

        Basically the review says
        1) fantastic hdr capabilities for the front facing camera
        2) the screen has some special coating/technology that apparently increase legibility of the screen significantly
        3) 5G chip that supports both SA and NSA technology, in a way future proof
        4) camera chip from Samsung, Vivo's processing makes the images very vibrant
        5) Camera performs very well in backlight situations
        6) 60x digital+physical zoom
        7) there's a dedicated 50mm lens, good for portraits (similar to our visual perception)
        8) AI-eye focus => phone to track focus based on (auto), (right eye), (left eye), specially for portrait mode such that the focus will be on the human
        9) moon shot = 2 modes (1) looks like 60x zoom looks like there's a bit of AI processing to bring out moon details like huawei (2) if you take a landscape, they can help you make the moon bigger (see 10:00). In this mode, when you take a landscape at 1x zoom, the camera will determine the position of the moon, and use the 2x zoom to take another picture of the moon, and then cut it out and put it in the 1x landscape

        There are lots of other raving reviews. Learn up a new language if you want to catch up.

          Not a single worthy review?! Probably because everything is pretty trite, except for the portrait camera, but there is no TOF failure... well, the cameras in a monoblock would look better than scattered, however, like a holey screen, another loss of identity, but it all started well with the series NEX.

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            • 13 Mar 2020

            I've yet see any decent review for this device though.

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              • 13 Mar 2020


                Nice one vivo. Always original in creative design and innovation.

                  That phone is going to take "finger print magnet" to a whole new level lol