Motorola unveils a new Moto E6s with 6.1" HD screen

17 March 2020
Don't confuse it for the Moto E6s that is already available in India - that one is completely identical to the E6 PlusĀ  and this one has a few changes.

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  • MrGrumpy

Still has microUSB charging in 2020 FFS. Why?

  • Tim

If it ain't broke don't fix it
Moto e6

  • Anonymous

My motorola E2 still works fine , cheap but quality is awesome that is motorola

  • Anonymous

Better to buy a refurbished/used LG V30 or Google Pixel 2 than these terrible budget phones.

  • Anonymous

The price should be usd 50

  • AnonD-914443

I think it supports OIS

  • Anonymous

The back panel looks shitty.

  • Anonymous

Well, EU version or for EU market, Motorola E6 Plus, also have 5w (1a), charger in the box

WTF is with company revealing pruces later why not just tell us the price when you unveil it and stop this same name different phone thing

Simple and accessible for people on a tight budget or who just need a phone. The E series have always done relatively well.

  • themohd

Perfect gift for a 10-year-old.
But one thing they got right, the fingerprint scanner. LEARN APPLE.

  • AngryLithuanian

But why?

AnonD-844967, 17 Mar 2020good as secondary phone but for normal use it is useless an... moreAnd is utterly hideous

  • AnonD-844967

good as secondary phone but for normal use it is useless and worthless.