Google Translate for Android gains new live transcription functionality

18 March 2020
The new add-on currently supports just 8 languages.

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Realme just the best, 18 Mar 2020Still the most funny and ridiculous dictionary in the multi... moreI just used the "camera mode" on your comment and it worked 100%.

    I don't see the point of this when you have a "conversation mode" where if you speak it will do the same

      Good job, Google! Maybe it'll even help those tourists currently stuck in foreign countries due to COVID-19.

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        • SK
        • 6QA
        • 19 Mar 2020

        nice but please add urdu language

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          • Realme just the best
          • mW4
          • 18 Mar 2020

          Still the most funny and ridiculous dictionary in the multiverse - it can't translate nothing but "hello" even when one of the two languages is English... After all, if you are in a mood for jokes - you really could "translate" this comment with it into your native language xD

            Cool !! Useful.