Kirin 820 5G specs leak: first G77 GPU from Huawei, 7nm process

18 March 2020
The Kirin 810 and 990 both use Mali-G76 cores instead and are built on a 7nm process (except the 990 5G, which is based on 7nm+).

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yuaanr, 19 Mar 2020This is the true order acc to benchmark kirin 820, d 1000l... moreBased on the results from the initial engineering sample (January, 2020), D800 outperforms both SD765G and Exynos 980, and only marginally below D1000L. Lets wait for the real D800 based unit coming out. (There are several D800 versions around, clocked differently.)

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2020In the current offerings of SoC with Integrated 5G, Kirin... moreThis is the true order acc to benchmark
kirin 820, d 1000l>exynos 980>sd 765g>d 800
Also this is the reason new qualcomm chip sm 7350 is coming which is placed above sd 765g

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Anonymous, 19 Mar 2020In the current offerings of SoC with Integrated 5G, Kirin... moreIsn't the SD765G basically a speed binned SD765 just like SD730? Anyways, Qualcomm is taking advantage of its monopoly which no consumer wants. I'm not excited with 2020 flagships due to drastic price change. I think all of the 5G midrange SoC perform similarly but one thing I don't like about Kirin is that they are embarrasingly outdated when it comes to video encoding / decoding. 1000L is in another level.

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Anonymous, 19 Mar 2020In the current offerings of SoC with Integrated 5G, Kirin... moreAlso the US govt will try to ban kirin

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In the current offerings of SoC with Integrated 5G,
Kirin820 > Dimensity 1000L > Dimensity 800 > SD765G, Exynos 980.
But Kirin820 < Dimensity 1000, Kirin 990.

Qualcomm is feeling the pressure from the 5G SoC chips from other companies.
As a response to MediaTek's Dimensity series, Qualcomm reduced the price of SD765G by more than 30% in the 2nd week of January.
Now as a response to Kirin820, Qualcomm will be offering SD765G+, an over-clocked version of SD765G.

The best mid ranger SOC just got upgraded. Others stands no chance.

So Kirin will retain its position as best mid range soc for another year.
Well done Huawei

So glad Hauwei is on top form.

Just been ordering loads of stuff from China. So many things are back to normal they said in there messages. China has overcome the nCov.

Now the west is struggling unfortunately. But just goes to show how organized and efficient Asia is.

They are strong. They have done amazing. And all these technologies are still rolling out...

New phones too. With absolutely crazy specs that make all our laptops I the real estate office look pre historic these days.

Huawei have a good SoC there by the looks of things. Well done to them. I like Trump as a human being... But I can see that Hauwei has done incredible so far.

Not only has Trump become upset with Hauwei. But also China had been affected with an illness. Now they are back on top. And Huawei is still pushing forward. With no slowing down. They just seem to be getting better and better.

Now when GSMArena did a review of HMS. SnapChat was not on AppGallery. A few hours after the review was posted. SnapChat was available on AppGallery.

Hauwei AppGallery looks more impressive than the play store. And they already have a lot of apps. And sure there is more if you do some free shopping around using apkpure or aptoide etc.

Huawei already have a very good start. And that is impressive already.

Huawei is the dream phone for people that prefer to distance themselves from Google or to have minimal Google services. And that makes this company a winner for a lot of people. It also goes to show that you can have everything too other than Google. Google is good. But what if we don't really want too much Google stuff? Something a bit refreshing. An alternative for once.

Look no further. Hauwei. I know so many people that want P40/P30's Mates etc. And they are not giving in because of the Google thing.

Android Rocks... Pure Stock Android.