HMD announces the Nokia 5.3 and Nokia 1.3

19 March 2020
Nokia 5.3 runs stock Android 10, while the 1.3 gets the lightweight Go Edition.

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  • AnonD-82756

Why are HMD sticking to the same waterdrop design language all the time it's hideous all there handsets look the same. Everytime they make a release you can almost predict what is coming I won't even entertain the idea of buying another Nokia/HMD because the ones I have had I have sold within the month.

  • Jab

The price tag is way too high.

Anna, 20 Mar 2020If Nokia HMD can put the punch hole in its upper left corne... moreThe phone designed be less attractive than more expensive model.

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2020SD215 was released last summer, tho. It doesn't really matter if it would've released yesterday, does it? If it still comes with a by now positively ancient 28nm, cortex A53@1.3 ghz ticking inside?

I mean I get that Nokia wants to play nostalgia card too much, (because maybe they don't have anything for present - or even future?) but for that it has other phones, why do it with android and with stuff nobody wants to remember?

  • Anonymous

You don't need even a single second to discard this overpriced old bricks. But it was more than expected. Like their ridiculous 2G phones. It's HMD... and the Nokia brand their bait to fool people. Nothing new. Pay almost 200 euros for those crap sensors, slow charger, old fingerprint sensor and HD pixelated display and 3Gb of RAM as that is their starting price is a complete joke. Workers at Redmi and Realme must laughing a lot. The 1.3 not worth even a mention XD

  • Pedro

Booby Pongo, 19 Mar 2020Next time, make it 7 inches Nokia. Or even better, make it ... moreSame feelings, mate.
RIP one-handed phones.

Nokia must stop jogging with this fans and not to continue selling phones like Nokia 1.3. Bad Android experience are killing the brand. I love Android one and his spirit but I will not experiment it in a Nokia phones... Infinix Xiaomi or Motorola are more trustable

  • Anonymous

Abhi-Darth-Plagueis, 20 Mar 2020Can't believe I'm saying it but Nokia should've put a media... moreSD215 was released last summer, tho.

  • Anonymous

Micro usb? What year is it?

  • Anna

If Nokia HMD can put the punch hole in its upper left corner for selfi camera in Nokia 8.3 5G, why can't they do the same for 5.3? Was that so difficult? Why they need that year old ugly waterdrop notch in middle on 5.3?

Can't believe I'm saying it but Nokia should've put a mediatek inside 1.3 if cost was a concern. I mean a p60/65 , hell even a P35 or p23 would've been a hell of a lot better than this aged SD 215 relic of a museum piece. With full Android available!

But alas,companies these days...

Well, Shame on Nokia!

$100 for that trash? A single gig of RAM? The hell?

  • karoko

Nokia just trolling. lol.
using Motorola's old camera hump design with Moto G7's display with huge chin.
RIP Nokia.

  • Anonymous

FINALLY a nokia 1 phone without a mediatek processor

  • Vrabac

Too bad... If they only put Snapdragon 710 instead of 665.

  • Booby Pongo

Next time, make it 7 inches Nokia. Or even better, make it 8. The bigger the better right? There is no hope anymore. All devices are phablets, and that's it.

  • inSyt

Pedro, 19 Mar 2020Any chance, they realize we need fast and small phone?Yeah this phone is so similar to the 6.2. Plus Sony will take years to release the Xperia 10 ii. And the Pixel 4a is looks terrible.

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2020And you didn't mention that Samsung A51 has a super AMOLED ... moreAnd same Samsung m21 have everything that like a51 and even stronger battery,but cost the same like Nokia 5.3 (190€).

  • Anonymous

Alex 94, 19 Mar 2020Not bad. If Samsung can release a51 with 9611 which is the ... moreAnd you didn't mention that Samsung A51 has a super AMOLED display, Fast charging, better camera and overall better resale

  • Anonymous

Another flop for nokia