Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2 get exclusive 007-branded Kevlar cases

19 March 2020
HMD Global is going all-in with its James Bond marketing.

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  • Carol

T M, 20 Mar 2020I guess Bond dies in the new upcoming film if he's dependan... moreNope, if he been using whatever you think he should be using, he would probably be dead before the movie starts.

  • Anonymous

And they still didn't get android 10
What a shame

  • Anonymous

that lady .. cringe
she alone will drive down the sales

Get Someone Enthusiastic and Alpha instead going woke Nokia

It seems bad luck doesn't want to let go of the name Nokia. Perhaps Bond's survival luck will them - or not. Because maybe it's not bad luck, its bad business at all decisions.

  • Anonymous

Kevlar is neat, but the case design is pretty boring looking.

  • Anonymous

Is Nokia the enemy? Because that woman looks like she's being held hostage.

  • T M

I guess Bond dies in the new upcoming film if he's dependant of Nokia.

  • Anonymous

Why is woman looking stressed?