Flashback: Huawei Ascend P6 showed promise, but had much to learn

29 March 2020
The Ascend P6 was the thinnest smartphone that was widely available, measuring just 6.18mm. Huawei was behind on some specs, however.

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  • Anonymous

4.7 screen. Good old days.

  • Pzednailz

Still my best I use the y9 but was stolen but now waiting for y max huawei now hoping to get it by April can't wait to start use that baby again I so much love Huawei phones they make my world come through and just want to say thanks Huawei for making me n l know u lol

Mediatek sux, 29 Mar 2020The nm of the chip has nothing to do with phone thickness.I know. I'm just pointing out how the tech back then. During that time we have big processor many years ago yet we still able to make super thin phone(even thinner than today's phone) but somehow now in the future we suddenly don't have the tech to make phone thin anymore but able to make processor super thin. We ought to minimized all the hardware size by now but we didn't. Ironic. Instead camera bumps getting thicker by years. You see how the tech progress there. Supposedly tech will get smaller but it didn't. Only the processor. Phone now the size of tablet at 7inches. You get the idea.

That was my first Huawei phone, very excited at that time I got the pink color the picture was ahead at that time after changing to alot of other brand I back to huawei by P10 & now nova5T so smooth

Making & braking... Had two U8220 & they warent exactly charming the supplemented stilus whose a must & Huawei never implemented an JIT compiler (we did on MoDaCo) other than that the display whose (plastic coated) prone to scratches. Those ware the time's of innocents when it comes to Android. P series up to P7 (as much as I remember it) whose time of cheap & inspiring Huawei built from nothing on docking bay's. Than came branding above all & of course the price. That are the memories I recall when someone mentions P6.

  • Pe4ivko

Still have this one as reserve phone)
Awesome one, unfortunately it didn't update to newer android versions

moerutoukon, 29 Mar 2020Fake iPhone.What part of this is a 'fake iPhone'? The lack of an app drawer? Which even then was becoming the preference in China - Huawei's home market. I'm betting you also say any tws buds are fake airpods.

I actually wanted this phone back in 2013 but I was happy with my HTC One M7 which eventually crapped out on me after 20 months. Purple photos, super slow to charge, and only half the SOT as before.

The Ascend P6 was the first phone that made me notice Huawei. That and their Mate 2. Like the Hyundai Elantra, I like phones that came out for 2017 and 2018. I feel Hyundai ruined the design of the Elantra for 2019.

Last year and this year for phones is kinda bleh other than the foldables. The Snapdragon 835 was the best chip Qualcomm released since their 800/801. The 820/821 were great too but 835 was more efficient. I also love Android Pie.

The last truly great year for phones was 2016. Then 2014 and 2013 before that. Skip the 2015 phones altogether.

  • Anonymous

Rise of Huawei was craaazy!

  • Anonymous

First Iphone killer.

Had this phone.I got lucky,found one on eBay and the seller happened to live just miles away.I do remember having to side-load Google Play Services.

Loved it.

I dont look at Huawei phones at all on that time. Having Sony Xperia makes me dont want to look at other brand actually.

But then starting Huawei P9 / Honor 8, they starting to grab my attention. Took the risk by jumpship using Honor 8 Pro. No regret at all. Stick to them up to Mate 20. By end of this year, i'll change to another flagship. Not sure yet stick with them or look at another brand.

  • Booby Pongo

A 4.7" phone would now be considered a miniature, if it existed in the market. Which it isn't.

I can't believe that only 7-8 years ago we were using 40nm and now we're moving onto 5nm chipsets. crazy evolution.

  • sayabosanhidup

moerutoukon, 29 Mar 2020Fake iPhone.and very well iphone is a huawei wanna be phone

am really afraid that they will never catch up with
huawei s superior camera technology ever again

Davy Jones, 29 Mar 2020I don't know why everything about phone is rounded Like Round... moreI believe a note 10 is pretty boxy. And the xperias are still boxy.

Luxor, 29 Mar 2020Phone back then with 40nm chips inside yet able to cramp in a bo... moreThe nm of the chip has nothing to do with phone thickness.

  • Akash

Just how much more of a huawei shill can this website become?

  • Anonymous

720p was a 2012 resolution

Tell that to all the iPhone XR and 11 owners.

  • bojan

Luxor, 29 Mar 2020Phone back then with 40nm chips inside yet able to cramp in a bo... moreyou know how small nm is and what it means in processor? right?