OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro detailed specs surface: Snapdragon 865 and 30W charging in tow

26 March 2020
The OnePlus 8 series is expected to be unveiled on April 15.

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  • Anon

We are glad for this excellently designed curved screen!

  • Anonymous

BestPhoneGuy, 26 Mar 20208k video and 108 mp are overhyped because they allow a razo... moreA state-of-the-art 108megapixel camera sensor and 8K video recording in a phone way much cheaper than Oneplus 8 is overhyped while an overpriced phone with inferior camera and worse battery life with 120Hz display which 99% of humans can't distinguish in a double blind test from a 60Hz display is not? That's what I call cult following. Fanatics will always find a reason to justify mediocre specs for exorbitant price. Get the MI 10. It makes 100% more sense unless you're one of those Oneplus cultists who claim the Oneplus 'software experience' is priceless.

  • Anonymous

Vango, 27 Mar 2020I don't get where the 850 pounds/900 dollars price tags are... moreI assume that with wireless charging, IP rating, 120hz and better cameras, we'll be due a price increase of at least £100.

The phone definitely won't be any less than £800.

What I wish was that Xiaomi was launching the Mi 10 Pro in the UK, as I would have probably gone for that over the OnePlus 8 Pro.

  • Anonymous

Again curved screen... I am tired of it already on OP 7 Pro...
Please some option without this stupid curved screen

  • Kunal Choudhary

I was waiting for a new OnePlus mostly because of fast wired charging...but you ruined it again. Companies like Realme are implementing 65W charging n OnePlus not even 50W. What a Shame. I think I have to leave the love of Oxygen Os, which is the only thing people are still stuck at OnePlus.

  • Vango

mb23, 26 Mar 2020It'll be £850 for the Pro I reckon. Decent price c... moreI don't get where the 850 pounds/900 dollars price tags are coming up from. The 7pro was launched at 669$/649 pounds. They aren't going to up the price by THAT much. At max I can imagine a 750$ price tag

Jo. , 26 Mar 2020Bcause you can't pay more, LOLThat is true I can't afford it

  • Anonymous

Wt.f? I hate punch hole
why in the hell they fallow Samsung's mistake?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-896879, 26 Mar 2020Lol better wait for the upcoming MI 10S with 120hz , up rat... moreMi 10s is rumored to have 7 or 7.1" screen.

  • J.

piku, 26 Mar 2020These phones are boring No more than you

Dometalican, 26 Mar his comment again brother...he asked why the vani... moreNo he made a statement. Not a question.

  • Kim

2 Terrible mistakes - Hole-punch selfie camera and a curved screen.

I am buying a Samsung. Definitely better also the price will be similar. Oneplus are losing the game in 2020.

  • Kim

Oneplus, nolonger the flagship killer.

Nobody likes curved screens.
Samsung finally realised it and I am now considering buying Samsung, just because of the flat screen.

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2020No micro sd card slot, no headphone jack, no Widevine L1 ce... more8k video and 108 mp are overhyped because they allow a razor thin line if focus and take up too much space. The 120 hz display on this phone has an MEMC chip which converts 24 fps content into 120 fps so you can utilize it for everything and oxygen is is much faster and cleaner than miui

Same procedure..., 26 Mar 2020Why? WHY? I cannot understand it! Why the Pro-version does ... more.......because Pro version should have something better than the non Pro

  • Dometalican

AnonD-896879, 26 Mar 2020Lol better wait for the upcoming MI 10S with 120hz , up rat... moreI'm inclined to agree with you but OnePlus has the advantage in the US by having bands 66 (for Verizon and T-Mobile customers) and 71 (T-Mobile customers living in rural areas), much cleaner software, sliiiiiiightly better battery (clean software vs MIUI), and an IP rating. If OnePlus prices it right, it will be a tough competition.

OnePlus just has to shock us by all-of-a-sudden offering a headphone jack or ANY form of expandable memory (yes...even if it allows for Huawei's NM2 memory standard) considering Xiaomi currently doesn't offer either one (and it pisses me off). We shall see once the phones are unveiled.

  • Dometalican

WazzaG, 26 Mar 2020Why would you not want a phone with an IP rating? Seems... his comment again brother...he asked why the vanilla version DIDN'T have an IP rating.

  • Appleidiot

Hole in screen it's automatic no for me sorry oneplus time to move to other brands

  • piku

These phones are boring

  • Anonymous

Praveen, 26 Mar 2020Which model OPPO you meant? Find X2 Pro