Huawei P40 unveiled with 50MP camera, P40 Pro adds 90Hz panel, 5x tele cam

26 March 2020
The P40 Pro also has the largest camera sensor in modern smartphones - 1/1.28". The front camera and sensor situation is much improved as well.

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  • Oliver34

Will it have Gorilla Glass protection. All nice and well, but it wont worth much broken.

Emeline Shaw, 26 Mar 2020I find it very worrying that we are not getting info on the prem... morejust got announced.

Nokia 808 had 1/1.2” sensor size

  • Kek

So Huawei basically went full retard with the design of the P40 Pro screen...

  • Anonymous

The camera is great. But that Galaxy design as well as taking a the idea of gimping the smaller non pro variant like galaxies and iPhone is junk.

Goddamm*it I need a sales date and price!!!!!

Whackcar, 26 Mar 2020Flagships are meant to improve upon their predecessors, and the ... moreI find it very worrying that we are not getting info on the premium pro+ model and GSMarena are not even writing about it - they only write about the p40 and p40 pro.

Flagships are meant to improve upon their predecessors, and the P40 Pro does exactly that. It practically improves on all aspects of P30 Pro, which itself was a brilliant phone.

The P40 Pro Premium is the one that I'm looking forward to learn more about, as it's supposed to take things to the next level.

  • UrUdAa

Worst notch.. Huge... Why having this beautiful display when you massacre it like that...

> "It calls it an "Overflow Display" with four curved edges, all sides sweeping down to the frame of the phone."

Go to hell with that ridiculously unnecessary gimmick!

  • Anonymous

Davy Jones, 26 Mar 2020Seriously a flagship phone with ip 54 60hz display 3800 mah... moreS20(Snapdragon) keeps the best compact flagship for now.

Seriously a flagship phone with
ip 54
60hz display
3800 mah battery
22watt charging
Is it 2018 or 2020

HAHA omg 10× optical zoom yeah no this sucks,no 120hz,no wqhd,ugly hole, nothing really revolutionary in the zoom aspect,lower battery than the s20+.
The s20 ultra is literally Just a better buy regardless of camera performance also the hybrid 10× optical zoom gotten by folding the 4x optical on the s20 ultra is better than this let's not forget this doesn't come with Google services out of the box lmao

Non-Pro has nothing tp excite about.
Pro version is interesting tho.

  • Anonymous

P40 Pro without the pill shaped cutout would be the most beautiful phone ever created. Such a shame they didn't use pop-up or under screen camera

  • Anonymous

That pill cutout is ugly.
They should have just given front firing speakers and more sensors by sporting a narrow top bezel.

  • Bruhmius

Man that pill camera on the front... Ruins the whole display. What were Huawei thinking?

  • Anonymous

P40 is subpar. P40 pro looks good though except for the 90hz and that awkward 1080p+ display. For 120hz and QHD+ Display, you'll need to pay for the P40 Pro+

  • Same procedure...

Why? WHY? I cannot understand it! Why the Pro-version does have a better camera setup than the non-Pro-version? What the hell is this?

  • Anonymous

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