The Huawei P40 Pro+ ups the ante with two telephoto cameras and 40W wireless charging

26 March 2020
One is a 240mm periscope lens, the other is a classic tele camera. 

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realitychecker, 31 Mar 2020and thats my opinion too. which is the most important one f... moreStop it. What I'm trying to say is that if I should care about others opinions it would be someone like Einstein, Hawking etc.. If they are not someone like those 2 people I don't want to listen to them and they are useless.

ProJames-CHM, 26 Mar 2020If you can't even make your own opinion about stuff and alw... moreJust because I mentioned him, doesnt mean I cant think for myself. Did it occur to you that I MAY have the same opinion as him? Sigh.

Emeline Shaw, 26 Mar 2020I don't care about him - he's just a youtuber. I only ca... moreand thats my opinion too. which is the most important one for me too. sooo?

Absolute dissaster, 1400 euros for peace of mobile photography, Huawei, Samsung, Apple are all nuts. Hope P40 series will fail hardly, looks like s20 not doing well either, but at least it offers much more bang for the buck than P40 series. Complete dissapoinmet where market is going, hail Realme and other Chinese manufacturers for keepong prices low for glagship devices

  • AnonD-732843

AnonD-59899, 29 Mar 2020Dude... Notches were called so because that's what they wer... moreAlright, it's not a notch in this case but the hole is still an obstruction nevertheless as it's inside the area where the screen should be at.

Though speaking of bezels, they do not obstruct the display as they are the very borders that protect the display as they usually hide the display screen's frame and I know they count towards the screen-to-body ratio.

  • AnonD-59899

AnonD-732843, 28 Mar 2020If a screen is not 100% display then anything below 100% co... moreDude... Notches were called so because that's what they were (a cutout at the edge, usually to aid in opening things). Every "obstruction" does not become a notch. It's a hole in this case.

Moreover, ever heard of bezels? Yeah, those borders around the screen. They're part of the screen-to-body ratios too. -_-

  • Bobi7x7

Sheikh1987, 26 Mar 2020Everything is awesome, but I can't understand why huawei no... moreOn 30 cm your eyes can see 290 ppi and on 3-5 cm your eye would be able to See 700 ppi !

But for real who is 5 cm away from the screen ?

Nobody :)

  • Bobi7x7

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2020It resolves slightly more details(only in daytime). At ni... moreThey have the Zoom crown allready ;)

  • AnonD-732843

joh, 27 Mar 2020its not even a notch!If a screen is not 100% display then anything below 100% constitutes a notch as it's an obstruction to the said display.

So simply put, looks like you're triggered and need another notch pill down your throat :D

fsaa, 27 Mar 2020Ugly notch, no Google service.... I don't think this phone ... moreits not even a notch!

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Nissan, 26 Mar 2020So basically: Same size phone as P30 pro with same size ba... moreThe Ultra and P40+ are for those with deep pockets who want the latest and greatest smartphone tech on offer. But they're not even the most expensive phones around. The most expensive phones are the Fold 2 and Mate XS foldables. Samsung and Huawei compete in multiple segments. I have to say Huawei is winning. The only thing stopping a rout is the US trade ban on Huawei.

  • Anonymous

Davy Jones, 27 Mar 2020It's not only me but most of the people even the Samsung fa... morewhy?

  • fsaa

Ugly notch, no Google service.... I don't think this phone is for me!!!

sagor1, 27 Mar 2020Someone please teach me how sensor size works. If 1/1.7 is... moreI think you are referring to a one inch sensor
It will be written as 1/1.0 inch sensor

SamsungRules, 26 Mar 2020s20 series is not disappointing you are the one who is disa... moreIt's not only me but most of the people even the Samsung fans are disappointed by S20 series

Someone please teach me how sensor size works.
If 1/1.7 is smaller than 1/1.33 then how to write the 1/1. below 10 (9,7,8,6etc) mark?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]LOL, you read about tech and do not know more ram uses more power?
What's next, gonna say you dont know OIS needs power to work?

  • Nissan

So basically:
Same size phone as P30 pro with same size battery, which sounds great compared to Samsung that forces you to buy an oversized phone if you want the best camera experience. BUT the display is more power hungry and is shown in battery life tests when compared to P30 pro. And gaming at 90hz will drain battery even quicker although not as quick as Samsung's 120hz display. Ideally an auto refresh rate would had been the best option.
2) P40 Pro costs the same as P30 Pro but has exact same zoom, not as wide ultrawide camera (although better in low light) and it's main camera's huge sensor does not really show it being MUCH better than P30 pro but neither does S20 Ultra. I guess smartphone cameras are starting to see their limits where it all comes down to how well it's software is optimized. P40 Pro appears to be better in noise reduction but abit too reddish pinkish, yet S20 Ultra and P30 Pro more yellowish so neither is accurate but personal preference.
3) If you want to see a huge improvement in particularly zoom over both P30 Pro and S20 Ultra you want to get P40 Pro+ but that phone isn't out till summer and costs more and will compete against Note 20 Ultra.
4) The design with giant black hole is significantly worse than last year's P30 pro where I can hide the tiny notch and still take advantage of using that space for notifications. In fact this year, I would take Samsung's design over Huawei's.
5) P40 Pro+ is cheaper (and smaller) than S20 Ultra with great camera, yet it's more expensive than P30 Pro, doesn't have Google play services (no unlimited Google photos storage etc..), has same only bottom firing speaker (and believe me it makes a large difference if you like to watch Netflix while laying in your bed), same specs (8Gb ram and 256gb storage) and Kirin 990 still uses Mali g76 GPU (Snapdragon 865 is far ahead).

At the end, it's good that I've decided to wait till next year. There seems to be no clear winner.
S20 Ultra is better for watching movies and gaming (smaller hole, bigger screen, dual speakers, faster GPU, more ram etc) BUT its camera zoom, first gen fingerprint scanner, no IR blaster and high price pales in comparison to P40 Pro + not to mention it's gigantic size which believe me after using my friend's isn't exactly very user friendly with 1 hand like my P30 pro.

So bring in 2021 with camera hole finally under the display, 5nm soc, more mature camera software etc... Can't Wait :)

  • mo

someone tell phone manufacturers that they can make their phones ticker in level with that ugly camera bump and use it for extending battery capacity.........

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2020The super telephoto camera is super exciting. At the presen... moreIt resolves slightly more details(only in daytime).
At night, it's the exact opposite.
Huawe should have put a bigger sensor if they wanted to take the zoom crown.