Huawei P40 Pro vs. Galaxy S20 Ultra vs. P30 Pro vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max shootout

27 March 2020
Check out how Huawei’s latest flagship camera setup fares against the competition.

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Anonymous, 27 Mar 2020Lol, P40 Pro v S20 ultra was an unfair comparison. The P40 Pro ... moreNot even. P40 Pro's priced is exactly the same as S20 vanilla. iPhone 11 Pro without max.

  • Nik

Sonu4678, 27 Mar 2020I've been toning down my interaction with the GSMA community now... moreIm even surprised this comment made it, a lot of times they will censor, plus to add on what you said... I have been reading the website since 2005 but now it has become a Chinese manufacturer promotion website and also the apple issue is a joke now, im not sure what their relationship with Huawei is,... For instance they are quick to make a joke about the notch but fail to highlight the ugly and ridiculous punch hole on Samsung and new P40 phones.

  • Anonymous

In reality, there is no best camera out there.

Best slow motion : Huawei P40 Pro.
Best low light/night : Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.
Best good light/day time : Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro.
Best ultrawide camera : Huawei P40 Pro
Best telephoto camera : Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.
Best video in Auto mode : iPhone 11 pro Max.
Best video in Manual mode : LG V60.
Best Autofocus : Oppo Find X2 Pro.
Best Color Accuracy : Oppo Find X2 Pro.
Best stabilization : Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.
Best mics : Oppo Find X2 Pro.
Best use of AI in camera : Huawei P40 Pro.
Best Night mode : Google Pixel 4.

  • Anonymous

Learn from this guy
Night photo are best on p40pro

  • Anonymous

fslwbw11, 27 Mar 2020I dunno why gsma praise s20 ultra's night samples so much, yes t... moreI agree with gsmarena, S20 ultra has slightly more noise than p40 pro, but it retains more details and is sharper compared to softer images of P40 pro in low light.
Check the camera compare tool as well, you'll have your answer.

  • pajson89

P40 pro> s20 ultra > p30pro >ip11pro

Not the 12.5mp but 9.1mp upscale, its 36.4mp quad bayer crop.

I've been toning down my interaction with the GSMA community nowadays. Here is what I noticed -
1. Too many Huawei shills
2. People are still trashing Apple when there isn't much left to criticize, maybe just the low ram size. They've done a great job in the camera department.
3. People used to say - Samsung flagships produce plasticky images.
Now - It's noisy.
4. People are conveniently neglecting color reproduction issues. Some even go far to suggest that it was the original color.
5. An Ultrawide lens which isn't "Ultra" wide, but no issue there.
6. Bashing their own government for banning Huwaei, even though ban was because of networking equipment and it had nothing to do with mobile division.

  • Anonymous

We want a in depth comparison later with Mi 10 Pro vs find x2 pro vs S20 ultra vs P40 Pro.
Plz leave out last year's models.

  • Anonymous

Gsmarena, This is just weak.
Just one page for a camera shootout comparison?
Where is the in depth testing like we have seen in previous years where gsmarena crowns a winner or tie or whatever the result in every different segment of the test.

Huawei still holds the title for low light photography
- (skip to 6:31)
- (skip to 7:50)

Its like 3 years generation ahead than others. Just on 1 second single take on Auto, it even surpassing its own Night Mode (might just disable the mod). I dont know what magic has been done to the one single take tech that only took 1 second, even actual camera with FF sensor couldnt do that!

The 'Ultra Vision' as Huawei calls it, is tremendous.

dude111, 27 Mar 2020Can't believe you guys didn't mention that the white balance ten... moreIt has always been an issue on RYYB sensors but not as prominent.

  • Aquila

I just compare foliage in the photo shoots. Sure it can be affected by wind, if a long exposure, but my opinion is, it's the best way to see image quality. Also, oily foliage it's not my thing...

Idk what gsmarena sees but the ultra won in most categories for me especially in the first daytime zoom pic the mountain has more detail in the foreground

miaumiaumiau, 27 Mar 2020I am the only one that its not excited about quad bayer sensors?... morei don't like these high resolution sensors as well
i think the only point of them is hybrid zooming.

p40 pro regular shots are better than night mode :D it means software needs work!
but compared to p30, p40 image processing is much better. we cant't see that ugly oversharpening and oil painting looking shots.

  • benjmd

You need to add Oppo Find X2 Pro in the shootout comparison.

I am the only one that its not excited about quad bayer sensors?
Maybe the software is not there yet, dunno.
I will prefer a normal 12/16 mp sensor with good lens and big pixels.
I dont think that Google will move in other direction with the Pixel.

The shutter speed on both Huawei phones is so much faster than Samsung (appears to be 3-4 times the speed for daylight photos). Should be better for taking pics of moving subjects. Huawei flagships are great for shutter speed. Kind of expected better lowlight performance though from the p40pro

LG Superfan, 27 Mar 2020What happened to the magical Night Mode? What happened to the ru... moreLol Huawei smoked them all out are you blind?? Its out of other smartphones league in almost every aspect and mind it it sis running pre released software it will get even better with upcoming updates S20 ultra already had 3 camera updates! P40 demolished them in almost all categories without even a single software update so plz shut it