Weekly poll: the Huawei P40 phones are so good, but can you love them with no GMS on board?

29 March 2020
Huawei has already replaced much of the Google ecosystem and is offering camera hardware that is (currently) unrivaled. Is that enough?

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  • puffy

i really like huawei and their unique design, and how they have quality products and software, just like samsung and apple.
But it's a shame to US because they banned Huawei.
I can't buy phone which doesnt have google apps, it's near useless in functionality.
If you want camera, better buy real camera, Nikon or similar.

Any of Huawei P line series is much better than most competition excluding Nubia red magic which is currently best phone out yet.

  • Jack

When google play store started, a lot of people doubted but today its huge and some people even think its irreplaceable. HMS does not have the luxury right now but I see a great potential for it in the market. With already more than 300 million people using it I dont see any reason why it cant succeed. For developers its money and Huawei can afford that and already a lot of popular apps are in HMS. But still I believe it is just a contingent plan from Huawei and US will lift sanctions even before the development of HMS picks up pace and Huawei returning back to GMS.

I'm eager to see how many of those who voted "this 1400 euro device is going to be my next device!" will actually buy this 1400 euro device with no google play market and no google maps and no google services onboard. And how many actually understand the limitations. And then won't return the phone because "it doesn't have ".

I certainly won't be buying anything Huawei without play services. And I certainly won't be buying any $1000+ phone any time soon, I'd rather buy 1-2 year old flagship with nearly the same hardware for a fraction of price ($300-500). I'd rather invest extra money into something that has potential to get a positive cash flow, or, at least, grow in value.

  • Romel

Rip huawei. I am a developer of app on android world so if your trying to sell your phone wihtout GMS im sorry but pass dor you buddy. Even if you create your own o.s. i won't shift.

  • Anonymous

Realist, 31 Mar 2020What a joke. Google is the ultimate spyware.Then huawei is the ultimate super spyware loll

  • Realist

Anonymous, 30 Mar 2020Right? Huawei itself is a spyware lolWhat a joke. Google is the ultimate spyware.

mooox, 30 Mar 2020I'm wondering why everyone's so tied up about rooting. It's... moreFor me it's more about being able to run a custom rom. The majority of the manufacturer UIs are just way too bloated, too customized or both. Custom roms allow you to use the software you like on the hardware you want.

Way too expensive for no headphone jack, no micro SD, no UHD display and most importantly no Google services including Google Pay

dbjungle, 30 Mar 2020It's a list of companies the USA deems as a national securi... moreOkay, I see. Thank you for explaining this to me. I hope they will be removed from that list soon because I really want Huawei to get Gapps again.

  • Anonymous

SpiritWolf, 29 Mar 2020Compensate lack of spyware? You GOTTA be kidding.Right? Huawei itself is a spyware lol

  • Anonymous

LilPhone, 30 Mar 2020You're viewing it from your phone so that's why the camera ... moreSo if i view a picture from dxomark using my same phone, then miraculously, it will not looks sh**y? Oh WOW!

Btw, is there someone still believes the paid reviews by dxomark? Serious question

  • Anonymous

I think I could get by with no GMS (might actually prefer it), but the P40 cuts too many corners, and the others are larger than I want.

  • iTolo

I want it without GMS

  • Marko

With no google ecosystem I would buy it only if it was 200eur or less.... No way I would pay 800+ sorry huawei

mooox, 30 Mar 2020Not sure how anyone will bother with google playstore in 2 ... moreIt won't change that easily. Windows Phone is the best example. There have also been other attempts. The problem is developers are on Google Play for the most exposure. For a user to leave Google Play they have to leave behind the apps. People won't willingly do this if there is a competing phone that does have Google Play. This is why Xiaomi was able to pass Huawei recently.

so they dont use Harmony OS?

Emeline Shaw, 30 Mar 2020What do you mean "entity list"? What is that? It's a list of companies the USA deems as a national security risk. Doing business with them requires a special license. All of the Huawei drama went next level when they were added to this.

  • AlienKiss

mooox, 30 Mar 2020I'm wondering why everyone's so tied up about rooting. It's... moreBecause most of the intelligent people use root for 1 million reasons, whether they are using it as a black, gray or white hat hacker, or as a power user.
Personally I use scripts that I write and run straight on my phone. No pc needed. Root helped me not to turn on my pc for months and I already consider it a niche. The only thing that I still use on my pc is Photoshop.
Not being able to root the phone (as a power user), or even using YouTube, PlayStore (as a regular user) is totally garbage. I wouldn't pay 10 (ten) bucks for their phones. I don't care one bit about the cameras, so that doesn't help at all.
Maybe you can get used to using a phone as a default user, but I'm way too far to quit on using the phone as an administrator with root privileges.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Mar 2020I already live without GMS Playstore I use QooApp Maps I ... moreWow congratulations