Q4 of 2019 saw HMD turn first profit, but sales are dwindling

31 March 2020
The combination of multiple ODMs and focusing on select markets earn a positive quarter for HMD.

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Kissio, 31 Mar 2020Nokia does not bring anything new to the Android market. Borin... moreAs if your huawei phones are king of design. All the Nokia devices are classy design. Ok.

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2020The thing with Nokia is it's lack of identity. Stock Android is ... moreIt is easy to sit and whine!

  • Anonymous

The thing with Nokia is it's lack of identity. Stock Android is not a thing anymore. Even Motorola knows it, since it dropped from it's partnership with Google for the Moto One Series. A clean, but complete Android skin would be a great start for Nokia. Increasing battery capacities, getting a decent battery management (which stock Android is famous for not being good at), and replacing the whole design team would be the next steps. Who tf designs Nokia phones nowadays? Expensive mid-rangers, even the premium ones, look like entry-level smartphones. That's ridiculous. The last steps would be a flagship. A proper one. From IP 68 to fast Qi charging, it should have everything. And also, squeezing as much as possible out of the Nokia patents and technologies.

But, no. It's HMD. By 2026, it all will have decayed and Nokia will be Microsoft's mobile company again (or will be part of the Finnish company again, idk).

  • Anonymous

They have nothing to differentiate and offer smallest of batterys. Low battery cliché should only be for Iphones. IMO bigger battery is the differentiator. R&D offloaded to cell manufacturer . Huge displays need bigger battery & allow bigger battery. Nobody likes standing by wall socket, carry power brick / bank, and reminded that they are idiots who forgot to charge.


DroidBoye, 31 Mar 2020Based on HMD's own strategy as they have shown this 2020, they l... moremy s1 pro is so better than nokia . it's price. is not cheap. game can't be played in nokia 2,3,6.
i think nokia's business is no more

  • Anonymous

They need one killer product. Go after mid-range in Europe. Something like Samsung's A series and they got it.

My Nokia 5.1 Plus performs smoothly despite it's cheaper hardware. Good software support and quality built products is what makes the phone's interesting.

Jacktackle, 31 Mar 2020They luck their own homescreen. Right now nokia is a street dog ... moreI like Nokia / hmd but I agree that their android is too vanilla bare bones for all models. Pixel is clean too but has all the functionality you'd expect and not a skeleton.

Nokia does not bring anything new to the Android market.
Boring designs and nothing to attract attention.
It has become just another brand, nothing to compare with the great Nokia from the early 2000s.
That is why it does not sell nothing.

  • Jacktackle

They luck their own homescreen. Right now nokia is a street dog without home. Nobody likes vanilla android. Except for few whos life is boring to death.
So bring a nice home of your own and join the competition

  • Anonymous

Sales will definitely go down. There isn't one good phone after Nokia 7+ & 8 sirocco. 9pv was good but camera results was not pleasing for non-raw photographers.
8.3 has potential but again camera department is very poor.

Yes, they lack a proper flagship, updated yearly. But for the rest, they're covered. I now have in the family a Nokia 9, 8 Sirocco, 5, 2.2 and 2 and they all run great, except for the N2 which is slow. Also their prices were good: 390$ for N9, 310$ for N8 Sirocco. I would get rid of Series 2, 4, 6 & 8. N1&3 should be low, 5&7 mid and 9 the flagship, with a release every 2 months.

  • Anonymous

The only reason for me to buy a Nokia is a built like a tank phone, like Nokia 6, 6.1, 7 plus, etc, also stock android, but they are making a phone with plastic and glass which is not good when it comes to durability. Nokia's hardware is last-gen and build quality is the same as any other Chinese brand. Their prices are also high. Right now for the stock android, there are not many options here except Nokia, Moto, Mi A series.

Kristo Radion, 31 Mar 2020last time i saw the tank-like HMD nokia is the nokia 3,5,6,7 plu... moreI saw a Nokia 6.1 fall to the ground three times. Any other brand which does not look like an armored tank would have been broken into little pieces. Since then I won't buy another brand. Oh, yes, if you know where to buy, it's not that expensive.

  • Tom

They need to get bolder in their designs.

nokia price hike because they use android one,
but they make them bad with low soc.
nokia camera not as good as the old days
so its make nokia even worse.

Based on HMD's own strategy as they have shown this 2020, they looked like OPPO/Vivo of the past. Heavy marketing + midrange hardware @ near or even flagship pricepoint (relative to competition). HMD's last TRUE flagships ended with the Pureview and the Sirocco.

  • Anonymous

They have totally wasted away their initial momentum. Look at those sales numbers.
Their 2020 product line doesnt bring much hope for the future. Way overpriced lower midrange phones priced like the chinese competition flagship killers..

The problem with some of these manufacturer forget that there are same specs with affordable prices.....eg Nokia make phone with SD 660.......and over price it....Wen I can get a phone same spec even better from another manufacturer at cheaper or same price .....learn Ur market strategies very well ......
Not making half baked phone and pricey range and expect pple to buy

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2020Like everybody else has learned the hard way, You can’t just... moreAlso OnePlus does this