Motorola delays RAZR sales in India to April 15

31 March 2020
Currently, the country is under lockdown till April 15 due to COVID-19.

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  • Anonymous

this is a special phone only for the special people.

  • Anonymous

1 inr = 200 idr. So the razr might cost 25 million idr in indonesia

  • James

They are selling this for 3000+ Dirhams as if it is the best thing since the iPhone. One could have an iPhone with higher specs for 3k than this piece of a joke. Honestly speaking, the specs are laughable.

  • Anonymous

GSMA, will this phone get a proper review?

  • Anonymous

Who will buy a soc 710 with that price lol

  • Anonymous

why dont they just dont sell it,i mean it does'nt even make sense

  • Bhavik

Nobody's going to buy it anyway.

Well, they may as well take it back from the market. Anyhow it wont get any satisfactory sales, considering the better specced Z Flip costing 15k less and the regular flagships S20 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro Max too costing way less than this Razr.

Motorola RAZR 2019

Announced: 2019, November
Status: Coming soon. Exp. release 2020, April 2

Five months !!!! zzz ... zzz ... zzz ... zzz ... --__--

how much are they expecting to sell in india, huh? its more expensive than the 20 ultra, a phone that is maxed out in specs.