Oppo Reno Ace Infinity to come with air-recharging technology

01 April 2020
It can reach a stable charging power of 5-10W within 10 meters.

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  • 03 Apr 2020

Well this definitely is a future of wireless charging tech.
Whether this is real or fake we have to waot for more information.

    YUKI93, 01 Apr 2020Not really. I already commented about something called Watt... moreOk I googled WattsUp and now think this might really not be an April Fool prank. .

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      • 02 Apr 2020

      "A compilation of 2020′ April Fool’s Tech Jokes

      "OPPO’s April Fool’s Day prank is a phone called the OPPO Ace Infinity. The Ace Infinity is a phone with support for a charging technology called FreeVOOC which charges the phone over the air."

      From gizmochina

        Munawwar Husain, 01 Apr 2020Oppo come with first for innovation and technology based on... moreIts not the first company to try this but i doubt if it is even true on April fools day

          Omg that's amazing

            Technology gone more crazy but this is Prank B*tch APRIL FOOOOOOLS !!! ahahaha

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              • 01 Apr 2020

              Guys wake up. It’s a bloody April fool. The physics doesn’t support this. You need a very high voltage to even make a current arc.

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                • 01 Apr 2020

                Anonymous, 01 Apr 2020That's all hogwash theory, where is the implementation? Op... moreThanksfully Nikola Tesla, Bill Gate, Steve Jobs, Jonh B. Goodenough, Alan Turing and many other didn't have to deal with peoples like you on the internet !
                My portless USB and Jack idea is already described well enough to understand that it work as there are other technology already using similar things.
                Same for my pop up camera with magnetic linear actuators idea BTW, both I described in this website with enough details.
                Some tech don't need to be implemented to know they can work, they are actually so simple it is obvious if they can or can't work, it just a matter of being logic.

                Oppo only showed a video of a TECHNICALLY faisable tech which have REAL WORLD ISSUES which can't make it possible, not technological, but logical one, like shining at 10w laser next to someone.
                THIS, is a 0.25W laser :
                Tell me how a 10W laser on an autonomous turret in your house is anywhere a good idea ?
                Even using acoustic through high frequency ultrasound (at a level it isn't perceived by animals nor cause health issues) would be WAY better, won't require a direct line of sight and won't either blind you or set your house on fire.
                BTW, we talk about 10W RECHARGE, meaning the laser need to be more powerful, read this :
                It not only explain how hard and dangerous it is, but also it say, the photoreceptor is typically the same as a solar panel, which have, being generous, 25% efficiency, so we talk about a 40W laser here !
                Oh, and they also revealed this during April 1th, but hey, believe what you want, but you can't tell me they DID IMPLEMENTED it !

                Invent anything, even not getting into details or checking the feasibility THEN comeback to me, meanwhile I already did stuff, none are patented which is why I certainly won't go into how they work, some are so obvious, just their name give away how they could be made.
                If you want to see a creation of mine, here is a sorting algorithm comparison software which work in a totally different way than any other comparison softwares, though it is an old and unfinished thing I coded before I even learn how to write in files, meaning it have lots of room for improvement :
                As proof of my creativity I can't really give you anything else ATM, there is another video but it is in French, and a tutorial about a trick to make a mechanical counter on Galaxy Smartwatch, but not finished yet, though, just for your cute little smile, I took a gif of a "proof of concept" of it :

                Though you MAY heard about me soon enough for a drug testing method for the COVID-19, and if I succeeded with my other inventions, I won't need to come to you, you'll quickly know it.

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                  • Sakshi singh
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                  • 01 Apr 2020

                  Wow amazing air recharging technology.

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                    • 01 Apr 2020

                    Oppo come with first for innovation and technology based on. Wow, amazing air recharging technology.

                      lol @ people not reading the article and taking it seriously.

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                        • 01 Apr 2020

                        Anonymous, 01 Apr 2020the world ist saved now... nothing else to do for any other... moreIt is easy to make fun, but harder to actually do something.
                        I didn't pretend to know everything or to be the best inventor or the one who have the most ideas, and since I actually gave a list of idea I have ruining the childish personal attack I got.
                        Yes I have a huge ego, but I know and admit it, and I don't become arrogant.
                        So, what's the point of your comment here ? And what's the issue with my answer ? Which is an answer at someone disrespecting and degrading me, I haven't the right to defend myself ?
                        I should just say "Yes, I am really stupid and even if I am right I am actually wrong because you won't like my answer" ?
                        C'mon dude...

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                          • 01 Apr 2020

                          Happy April Fools day!

                          This is just a prank, the tech always comes at the 2nd half of the year.

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                            • 01 Apr 2020

                            AnonD-909757, 01 Apr 2020Listen kid, I don't know who you think you are, but you cle... moreThat's all hogwash theory, where is the implementation?
                            Oppo is implementing new generation wireless technology.
                            Come back and talk to us when you put one of those things into an actual product.

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                              • 01 Apr 2020

                              The last Chinese characters of the video mean Fools.

                                Hope it will come up with under display camera or pop-up camera like original Reno

                                  Oppo and new development in charging tech -one of the best combination in smartphone Industry:)

                                    Forget "probably", this announcement is an April fool's prank by OPPO regardless that the tech is possible or that similar solution is in the works.

                                    It's a huge rarity to see a company make a big announcement on April 1st.

                                      LilPhone, 01 Apr 2020Did I say it was April fools? Maybe you are the fool. ... moreWill you please cool off? I'm sure octacore was once called a gimmick by people like you. That's anti-tech.

                                      If such was implemented in a phone, and you couldn't afford it, go buy what you could. There are options littered everywhere, and there would still be, then.

                                        wtf april fools. even if they manage to make it work at 1W, it would be amazing.