2020 iPhone Pro phones to have flat sides, smaller notch and a larger screen variant

13 April 2020
Also expected this year are two new base models iPhones, a smaller and cheaper HomePod, and AirTag.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Apr 2020Easy and secure, Which Android already is. That's why, ma... moreRight, price is a minor consideration < / sarc >

  • Anonymous

AnonD-908380, 14 Apr 2020https://www.apple.com/newsroom/images/product/iphone/standa... moreThey featured both types of images in the presentations, just as they did on website. They aren’t hiding anything if they show it clearly a couple of slides later in the deck.

  • Lilian

This means weaker structure, so expect these to break easier, just like the new iPad.

  • Ddd

Haha iphone 2020 sound like iphone xs but with new name 😀

mel, 14 Apr 2020they cant innovate anymore so they back to the future desig... moreIt's not a bad thing really. People loved the iPhone 5 & SE design and it survived for a lot longer than expected. I really look forward to a revamped iPhone SE style. The current iPad is HOT. Love it and would love an iPhone to follow in its steps.

  • Anonymous

gam30, 14 Apr 2020Android may be advance but for the majority of the populati... moreEasy and secure, Which Android already is.
That's why, majority (more than 80%) of the users are on Android, not on iOS.
It just works!

No 5G?

  • Anonymous

gam30, 14 Apr 2020Android may be advance but for the majority of the populati... morelol advanced... at what? Its just more open, and thats what it all means. I jumped from being a hardcore android fan to using iPhone and all I can say is that I don’t miss anything from android, not a single thing. But then again, I dont sideload apps, I dont have a need to install custom ROMs or jailbreak, and I am happy to support developers and artists through paying for stuff instead of watching ads. But thats just me...

MR45, 14 Apr 2020In fairness, the design is much better than the current iPh... moreI've been saying so since iPhone 6.

  • gam30

ASUS ROG Phone 3, 14 Apr 2020I have both CS Max & 11 Pro Max (512 B) in terms of App... moreAndroid may be advance but for the majority of the population people just need something easy and secure.

In fairness, the design is much better than the current iPhone models. If they can remove the notch, it would be the best iPhone design since the iPhone 5s/SE. The flat sides make the phone more premium to look at. That's why iPhone 5s is more premium-looking than the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8, etc.

  • Anonymous

kint, 14 Apr 2020Ofcourse android is more advance, pack with lots of feature... moreI doubt that is the case.
Android can be made to look and operate like iOS but vice versa is not true.

Android being complex and iOS being easy to use is the biggest myth in the smartphone industry. It's the same PR Talking points that Apple used since 2010.

On iOS, there are extra steps that a user has to go through to get certain things done, which are done on Android with one step. Heck certain things are far from a possibility despite the hardware capable of it. The beast of an A13 chipset is bottlenecked by poor co-hardware and iOS itself.

I have both CS Max & 11 Pro Max (512 B) in terms of Apps, OS features, flexibility’s, that are advanced, Androud is way far ahead of iOS! Yes, iPhones probably more secured & well supported but sheer advanced features Android over takes iOS! iOS needs to wake up!! Sometimes buggy in editing texts in Apps & Web Sites unlike Android mobiles

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2020i disaggree. I hate the rounded edges. no solid feeling. wh... moreFor the looks. Which end up getting covered with cases anyways.

Like glass backs.

already experience notch screen for couple of years, so the wait continues

  • Alex

Difficult to hold it in your jands and easier to "drop it like it's hot" :))) And then you will be a proud owner of a Crackle not Apple :))))

  • LilPhone

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2020I have an iPhone 7 and had a 5. The rounded sides feel nice... moreThe positive thing about rounded edges is when they knock sth and the damage incurred from it. If the phone gets hit at an angle, then it's more likely that only the edges gets damaged and not the glass panel. Most handsets these days have rounded edges anyway.

  • LilPhone

luvdebyn, 14 Apr 2020And GSM arena u forgot to add. "Higher Prices" . Not so ne... moreYou completely forgot that Apple is now retaining or lowering prices of their products.

Macbook Air 2020 costs cheaper than its predecessor by a small margin.

iPhone 11 prices dropped $50 while iPhone 11 Pro didn't increase.

iPad Pro 2020 prices didn't increase as well.

And what Samsung does with its S20 is raise prices by $100. Duh Samsung. I mean, Samsung will get trampled by Apple and its Chinese rivals (Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, etc.).

  • Zach

hopefully the iPhone SE or 9 will be in shame shape. I like it