Motorola Edge stops by Geekbench ahead of its April 22 announcement

14 April 2020
This will be the lower-end version of the company's new flagship smartphone.

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  • Matthew Doe

Even Moto g5+ superm I just like it enjoy it

Still waiting to see Moto Legion in action.

  • Amaryllis

Please have wireless charging. I'm still using my Motorola Droid Turbo 2 because none of the newer models have it. This thing is almost a brick. I'll have to switch to a Samsung if the Edge doesn't meet my needs.

  • Anonymous

6 GB ram is too low for the flagships phone

Hopes are big. Finally premium segment.

Looking forward to the Moto event. I have a feeling this is gonna be Moto's revival phone.
Something attractive, powerful & uncompromising like the Moto Turbo series.