Apple's new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro is now available to order

15 April 2020
The accessory starts at $299 (for the 11-inch iPad Pro) and goes all the way up to $349 (for the 12.9-inch tablet).

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abigfanoftechs, 16 Apr 2020How much for the Magic Finger?:DD

    :D 299 dollars for crappy portable keyboard, Apple is absolutely high right now :) Covid 19 affected it badly, trying to make quick bucks from scrap :)

      the keyboard is more expensive than my flagship phone, I bought my k20 pro at 325$

        How much for the Magic Finger?

          My God! 349$ for just a darn keyboard, which is t even Mechanical?

          People who buy it must be really rich!

            GIF, 16 Apr 2020Apple like all other companies are doing business. There's ... moreThat statement is seriously dumb, I am serious.

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              • Anonymous
              • 0cx
              • 16 Apr 2020

              What most won't notice with regards to this new keyboard:

              — It's not a folio.

              — To position your iPad Pro flat on a table, a position best suited for drawing with the Apple Pencil, you'll have to remove the iPad.

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                • GIF
                • xI7
                • 16 Apr 2020

                Apple like all other companies are doing business. There's no need to buy their products if you are thinking that they are too expensive or you don't need them.
                I'm serious guys...

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                  • Amit
                  • rJF
                  • 16 Apr 2020

                  Why does this cost lesser than the $999 stand?

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                    • Anonymous
                    • n9L
                    • 15 Apr 2020

                    And it costs 50$ short of an iPhone SE

                      Anonymous, 15 Apr 2020Not even Ducky Keyboards cost that much, and they are mecha... moreHave you seen Apple Mouse? It's utter tosh, its sensor is crap, its charging method laughable and it costs money ...
                      It's not so far fetched they will get similar idea when it comes to keyboards.

                      But to be fair, other than laughable price, it does not look bad. I wonder if that USB port on the case has full functionality video out and other shenanigans.

                        "We added a trackpad! Something we should've added ages ago but we have incompetent software engineers so we couldn't, so we're gonna add it now and charge hundreds more!" Apple's logic in a nutshell.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • Twq
                          • 15 Apr 2020

                          Not even Ducky Keyboards cost that much, and they are mechanical...