iPhone 12 Pro Max design fully revealed through leaked CAD renders

17 April 2020
The design is a blast from the past.

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Daaaamnit, 19 Apr 2020Don't worry, they'll increase the price for iPhone 12 too. ... moreThere still on even ground though.
Now the iPhone 12 pro max gets the exact same display(120hz, QHD, etc.) and even better cameras(software processing), and probably better battery life than the s20+ and s20 ultra. Meanwhile, the galaxy s20+ costs the same(assuming $100 price bump, which is most likely), the s20 ultra still $200 more. And don't get me started on galaxy note20(now probably $1100) and note20+.

  • Anonymous

Highest one of them should be called pro max ultra plus

  • Daaaamnit

JDK, 19 Apr 2020Iphone 11 pro max cost: $1099 Samsung galaxy s20+ cost: $1... moreDon't worry, they'll increase the price for iPhone 12 too. Back to the brick design. And Triple 12mp cameras and 4gb ram.

They are overpriced and overrated.

  • Daaaamnit

So it's back to the bricks design.

Probably because of the camera bump, I think Samsung should get a similar design to hide the big bump in camera.

Hudinited, 19 Apr 2020Wow wow wow, does apple have 90 hz display? An ir blaster? ... moreIphone 11 pro max cost: $1099
Samsung galaxy s20+ cost: $1200
Samsung galaxy s20 ultra cost: $1380

You don't get those 120hz displays and periscope cameras for free sir.

And think about it, virtually only advantage of samsung galaxy s20+ is slightly larger screen with 120hz, but that costs you $100 more. I think they are on even ground.

Same with samsung galaxy s20 ultra. Higher MP camera, way larger display, better zoom, but $300 more, aka 25% more expensive(very few 5G networks right now).

I'd personally pick iPhones because of better battery life and no camera issues.

  • Hudinited

Mr PubgMobile, 18 Apr 2020Yeah, and I suppose in the software department android flag... moreWow wow wow, does apple have 90 hz display? An ir blaster? Better camera? More versatile camera setups, 3.5mm, expandible storage? I don't think so, also if you tone down refresh rate to 60hz on some androids apple wouldn't stand a chance... Gimmicky or not, these features are there, for less money... Damn, i forgot about that you need to pay to play on the iPhone.... Air buds + fast charger + case well you end up buying a new midranger as a secondary phone instead of these "additional and optional products" should i mention the price of apples wireless charger? Nah it's enough...

  • LilPhone

JDK, 19 Apr 2020Hey, have you seen Antutu? Geekbench? Virtually any Benchma... moreLet's not trust Geekbench as it only provides raw performance figures thus not that accurate. But the A13 offers similar performance to SD865, not SD855+. System and gaming performance is also roughly the same, except that iPhones may have less RAM (not suitable for multitasking)-despite better RAM management. A13 is not behind SD chips at all except the adoption of LPDDR5 RAM in most SoCs and support of 8K video capture and 108MP camera.

MagicMonkeyBoy, 19 Apr 2020Not at all... The software support for Android is much bett... moreHey, have you seen Antutu? Geekbench? Virtually any Benchmark? It shows that Apple A13 is clearly SUPERIOR to Snapdragon 855+. Although, I bet that either you are just better at playing games or the 90hz refresh rate and 240hz touch input of RM3S is what makes you play better. If so, I wouldn't be surprised, but screen specs have nothing to do with chipset specs.

  • Anonymous

Mr PubgMobile, 18 Apr 2020Yeah, and I suppose in the software department android flag... moreThe S20U was running at constant 120hz.
At regular 60hz it will bet the iphone no problem in battery life.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2020Oops I meant mate 30 lol. Nice cherry picking Btw what abou... moreWhen somebody it trying to invent stuff mistakes are likely to happen.
Mate 30 Pro was also launched in September 2019. So if it makes sense to you that they copied the color purple from the iphone 11 what can I say.

Anyway take a look at the Honor 8X. It was launched in September 2018 and one of it's color is lavender purple. What do you have to say about that? And just to be clear Honor is Huawei's brand so they are basically Huawei phones.
Samsung also launched multiple purple phones before any iphone. What do you have to say about that?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2020Yup, not talking about originality or who came first. He is... moreLoL so now "purple" is an original Apple color thta only Apple can use? you do realize that most of those manufacturers launched purple phones way before Apple, even phones with purple lavender color.
The P30 Pro for example was even launch many months before anybody knew there will be a purple iphone 11.

If this is your way of saying Android OEMs follow "Apple's design" you are failing miserably.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2020Apple airpods Haters: ewww so ugly!! Lol it’s like qtips i... moreWoW, meltdown alert.

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Anonymous, 18 Apr 2020You're right. At least iPhones are unique, whereas all Andr... moreLoL Chinese gaming smartphones are niche products design to look different, they actually prove you wrong. Look and the mainstream flagship designs and tell us which of them look weird and goofy?

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Mr PubgMobile, 18 Apr 2020The a13 competitor isn't the snapdragon 865 its the 855, wh... moreA13's competitor is the SD 865. Both were launch on the same process node.
The Cortex A77 core was announced in the middle of 2019 and the SD 865 was officially launched at the end of 2019, basically 2 months after A13 became available.

SD 855 is based on 2018 tech both in terms of design and manufacturing technology.
SD 855+ is just a slightly better binned version.

Following this logic, A14's true competitor will be the SD 875 which will use the newer Cortex A78 cores(also the newer A65 small cores said to be 4x better than the current A55 cores) and it will be built on the same 5nm node.
The difference is that the SD 875 will have an integrated 5G modem so it will have a more efficient design overall. I hope it will also be cheaper to manufacture.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2020sure sure tell that to all the green and purple phones laun... moreWhat do Android OEMs folow exactly? There have been a number of green and purple Android phones on the market before any iphone. Also Android phones with mate glass backs(so apple also copied that) also Android phones with square camera bumps and so on.

  • Anonymous

Peachy001, 17 Apr 2020I liked the 11. I'm happy for them to "follow" as it means ... moreI don't understand the use of the word "mature" for the smartphone designs. Especially when it's used for the typical smartphones. For Foldable phones the use of the word "mature" is way more appropriate because these are entirely new type of smartphones so we haven't reach the peak in terms of hardware design. The same thing can't be said about the now classic smartphones.

Anyway Android phones have been differentiating themselves in terms of design for 2 years now, so these constant attempts to suggest that Android OEMs will just try to copy the latest iphone is nothing but a sign of fanboism and low intelligence.

  • Anonymous

wow so innovative... hahaha!

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People argue about the performance of the a13 vs the 855+ and that they say it's faxed and also the 865 is miles better in every remade witch u would hope it would be bc it's a newer chipset and that people like to hate on apple for copying other Android phones bcc there really only 2 os but android still copied apple with the removal of the headphone jack. Likewho needs it grow up were in a world that is evolving. And that everyone copies each others with every aka the notch.

  • LilPhone

Mr PubgMobile, 19 Apr 2020I think he/she is a nubia salesperson. He/she always promot... moreI am also disgusted by its software. Look at the Chinese text all over the place (when set to English). I would rather pick up a Mi 10 Pro (4G, if available). Fan is also not reliable over time it seems. Jerryrigeverything has questioned the fan (whether it'll catch and trap dust). Camera hardware is too inferior, even aa a gaming smartphone.

Looks like the Redmagic is a phone for kids, not for teens. This phone is actually very rare here in SE Asia. ROG Phone 2 sells better.

LilPhone, 19 Apr 2020It's because they are YT streamers and think they can make ... moreI think he/she is a nubia salesperson. He/she always promotes nubia gaming phones...but in reality nubia is shit for pubgm, I know cuz I have a friend that uses the rm3, he said after two months the phone started stuttering and lagging whenever he records his gameplay.
MagicMonkey really needs to chill.