Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 rumored to have 120Hz internal screen, S-Pen

20 April 2020
A new rumor shares a lot of details about the phone's two displays.

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  • 22 Apr 2020

I may buy if fold2 comes with s-pen. I will be only interested with it. Because I use tab for my work.

    Hold on a minute, isn't there has been a rumour before that S Pen would not make it to Galaxy Fold 2?

      Alle, 20 Apr 2020Still don't understand how this refresh rate affects a phon... moreThe best example I can give to you is go and watch a regular YouTube video then watch a 60fps video, the difference will be that the 60fps video will be much more smoother. In the same case, 90hz and 120hz displays are capable of refreshing more times per second compared to the usual 60hz display.
      To further differentiate and understand the difference, search for 120hz slow motion display on YouTube and you'll see the difference between a typical 60hz and a 120hz display.

        Samsung already coming out with all the bells and whistles on foldable smartphones.
        Fold 2 is Already pushing the bar, this is simply going to get better in the next few years.
        No wonder Samsung is no.1 brand in the world.

          LilPhone, 21 Apr 2020Samsung keeps adding gimmick features that no one asks for.... moreLol 60hz brigade should shut up on disadvantages of 120hz display.

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            • 21 Apr 2020

            S pen on a plastic?!
            2000's back again anyone?
            Motorola A1000 or Nokia 5800?
            So first they doubled the price (for no reason other than greed) and lowered the production cost (by cross selling components),
            Now again we're going to get a shiiit in a box!
            Id rather buy a McLaren or porsche edition as they offer different looks... at least they're not prone to an additional damage!
            Another rant, i know ;)

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              • 21 Apr 2020

              won't the S10 scratch the screen?

                Great now the screen get scratched more easily thanks to Spen

                  S-pen on UTG covered by a plastic layer. ... so funny . It won't work unless the tip of the pen is made of form. Because real s-pen would be available by 2030.

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                    • life_trax
                    • 8ar
                    • 21 Apr 2020

                    I would make a great Note 20 Ultra.... However not at the insane price point and extra girth. I LOVE being able to slide my Note 10 into my pocket or jacket. That's not an option with the fold way too bulky

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                      • 21 Apr 2020

                      They will use UTG for the fold 2, apparently

                        LilPhone, 21 Apr 2020Samsung keeps adding gimmick features that no one asks for.... moreCalm down dude. It's just a phone.

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                          • 21 Apr 2020

                          Samsung keeps adding gimmick features that no one asks for. 120Hz panel? 90Hz is enough because of better battery efficiency. S-Pen? Look at JerryRigEverything for the Z-Flip's durability test and by pressing the display hard enough he could damage the display. Punch hole? Better shrink the notch, because punch hole looks disproportionate.

                          I mean Samsung, you are a laughing stock in front of Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. by making overpriced products that not many people needs. I bet S20 Ultra sells less well than even Huawei P40 Pro.

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                            • Wijanarkodwi
                            • 61w
                            • 21 Apr 2020

                            Plastic screen meet s-pen


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                              • 21 Apr 2020

                              As long as the outside dimensions don't get wider, this is good news. The whole point of having a foldable is for it to be pocketable and easy to use one-handed when folded, then larger for media consumption when unfolded. If the increase in the cover screen comes at the sacrifice of having to wield a large phone anyway, there's no point in getting a foldable.

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                                • SkaAndroid
                                • c}H
                                • 21 Apr 2020

                                This looks good. It can be my next phone but depends on the price. I currently have Galaxy Note 10 Plus Star Wars Edition

                                  Alle, 20 Apr 2020Still don't understand how this refresh rate affects a phon... moreThis video gives visual representation of the advantage of having a higher refresh rate screen:

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                                    • Lfw
                                    • 21 Apr 2020

                                    As long as the screen is durable as 1mm thick basic windows glass it makes no point and sense making this.

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                                      • atf
                                      • 20 Apr 2020

                                      Samsung first fix April security patch that cause burn in on note 8 and s10s.

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                                        • Capt skipton
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                                        • 20 Apr 2020

                                        If they made a non foldable tablet in that shape, they can have my money.